27 Thoughts Every UNH Senior Has

I'm going to miss being a UNH Wildcat.

1. Why is there a line at 6:45 to go to Scorps? 

2. What am I going to do after graduation? 

3. Is it too late to make a Linkedin profile? 

4. Of course, Ham-Smith won't be done until after we graduate. 

5. I don't want to graduate and be a real person.

6. Should I start looking for a job or nah? 

7. How does one write a cover letter that sounds professional? 

8. When your parents keep nagging you about the job search. 

9. Why do professors think it's okay to give us so much work at the end of the semester? 

10. Dreading the worst day of lives a.ka. graduation day. 


11. Complaining that you have to pay over $3 for a drink when you aren't in Durham. 

12.  Why do I choose to wait for 40 minutes for coffee from Coffee Craving or The Shack? 

13.  When going to class has become more of a struggle as the days goes on. 

14. Should I go to Libby's or Scorps? 

15. Why was there not an announcement about the senior boat cruise? 

16. soo excited for the lobster bake. 

17. Walking into the bars for the first time be like 

18. Wishing that all your friends lived in the same state, so you can see each other after graduation 

19. Realizing that your college friends are 100x better than your friends from home. 

20. Getting sad because you aren't returning next year

21. Satisfying my late night DHOP cravings every night out because I'm a senior and it's acceptable

22. Living close to the bars is a blessing and a curse

23. Can I stop getting older and stay 21 forever? 

24. 4 years later and Horton is still the hottest building on campus. 

25. Knowing that the realities of paying off your loans are going to be unavoidable. 

26. Needing money because four years of college has made me poor

27. Finding love in college...... hahaha 

28. I'm really going to miss my home, friends, and the memories that I have made at UNH