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25 Of The Cutest Jack and Rebecca Moments From “This Is Us”

If you haven’t watched NBC’s This Is Us yet, I (demand) highly suggest you stop reading this article and start binging. You won’t regret it (but your tear ducts might).

If you have watched this sappy (in the best possible way), beautiful story about the most precious family in TV history, then you have certainly fallen in love with Jack and Rebecca Pearson the way the rest of America has. I’m here to remind you of how much you love this all-too-perfect couple (as if you needed a reminder). Get your tissues ready, because these pictures are too cute to handle.



2. Seeing how proud they are of their babies warms my heart.

3. A little behind the scenes action— just as perfect!


5. Their love for each other is almost as strong as their love for football ;)

6. Good looking AND goofy. They’ve got it all.



9. How do you look THIS good at a LAUNDROMAT?

10. Or in a BATHROOM?!?!?!

11. How could you not love their love?

12. The way that they look at each other KILLS ME.

13. There’s that look again!

14.  Actual wedding goals.

15. This picture screams “we have no idea what we’re doing but it’s okay because we have each other.”

16. Precious.


18. A couple who cleans up well…

19. THIS COULD NOT BE ANY MORE PICTURE PERFECT. Sitting on a porch swing, with a white picket fence in the background. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

20. Always making her smile.

21. There’s that love of football again… *cries at the foreshadowing*

22. He’s like, “you may not be number one in bowling, but you’re number one in my heart”

23. Absolutely iconic.

24. </3

25. And last but not least… this heartbreaker.

I don’t know about you, but I love this couple more than I love myself. I aspire to love and be loved the way they do!


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