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12 Annoying Things Girls Say

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

I asked UNH students, guys AND girls, to tell me what they think the most annoying things girls say are. And yes, even being a girl, I totally agree with how obnoxious hearing these things are. And yes, I am 100% guilty of saying them all myself.

Keep reading to see the best ones!



“I look fat.”, “I’m literally so fat.”, “Do I look fat?”

Just don’t. You immediately put a guy in a helpless state. They know that no matter what they say or do, they won’t change your mind, even if you look like a VS model.


“Whatever.”, “It’s fine.”

You know it’s not fine, so don’t lie. No one likes a liar.


“I bet I can drink more than you.”, “I was sooo drunk last night.”, “I took like 3 shots, funneled like 4 beers, and had like two mixies”

Not a good look. You don’t want to be drunker than the guys, or everyone else for that matter. Keep it to yourself, play it cool.

“Do you hate me?” “Are you mad at me?” “Did I do something wrong?”

Don’t ask these questions. Just don’t. You’ll know if s/he’s mad at you or “hates” you. And if you have to ask, it shouldn’t matter.


“Take a picture with my camera.” “Wait I don’t like that one.” “Take another one.”, “Wait I want the right side, let’s switch.”

Don’t be that girl. Pictures are memories, but there is no need to document every aspect of every weekend night. Plus, you’ll be happy you didn’t, I’m sure.


“Waaaaaiiitttt, whaaattt?” (via Chris Agresti)

Trying to look dumb isn’t cute. Believe it or not, guys like girls they can hold an intelligent conversation with.


“Let’s get cray!” “YOLO!”

Not an excuse to embarrass yourself.

“I can’t.”

“Please toss a quick predicate on there so I know which of the many thing you can’t do you are referencing.” (Kyle Pavao)


“Whatever you want.” “I don’t care, you pick.”

Guys hate indecisiveness, as we do. You know you know what you want, so just say it.


“I got like 47 likes on that picture.” “9 people favorited my tweet”

It’s just social media. NBD.


“I am totes craving some froyo.” “That dress is adorbs.” “I think I’m gonna vom.”

Using abbreviations in everyday convo is not cute, either. Save it for girls’ nights or pillow talk. Guys don’t not only understand, but it’s annoying. How much time are you really saving anyways?


“I have nothing to wear.”

I think I may be 50/50 with this one. What we wear is based on where we’re going, what we’re doing, what we wore yesterday/plan to wear tomorrow, whether we’re already in pictures in that outfit, etc. BUT we should be aware that some people actually do have nothing to wear.. word choice is key.

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