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11 Questions College Students Get Asked During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgivng is the best time of year because of all of the stuffing of food in the face, being greatful for your loved ones, and finally getting to kick off the holiday season. But what college students are not thankful for is the overwhelming amount of questions we get asked by family members who think we have it all figured out. Here are a few of those questions that make college students want to run back in time with the pilgrims:

1. How is school going?

3. What do you do for fun at school?


4. What’s your major?

5. What do you want to do with that after graduation?

8. Have you heard what (insert older successful cousin’s name) is doing now?

9. Are you seeing anyone?

10. Are you still playing (insert sport you played in high school)?

11. This was your first election, who did you vote for? 

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