11 Places To Visit In and Around Concord, NH

Growing up around the capital of NH, I always saw it as the “city.” Yeah, there’s Manchester or Salem, but Concord was 15 minutes away. I learned some of the cutest places to sit and do work or host a photo shoot, and now I’d love to share them with the world. Most of these locations are within the town boundaries of Concord, but the rest are most definitely worth the extra few minutes of driving.

1. Hannah Duston Memorial (Boscawen)

Hannah Duston is a popular spot for young teens to hang out. For this reason, I recommend you visit this location during sunlight hours. Not only to avoid delinquents but to get the best lighting for all the photo opportunities. The Hannah Duston Memorial is maybe a 3-minute walk down the trail, and after that are 2 bridges, perfect for grunge photos. Exercise option: walk along the train tracks for a mile or two, see the rural landscape of Boscawen/Penacook!

2. Daisy Beach (Concord)

Daisy Beach is a common location for local summer fun. I went here a lot as a kid, the rope swing they have there makes it a great appeal to people of all ages. The hike to get to the beach is a bit long, about a mile through the woods, but once you get there, it’s a cute little stretch of sand to spend the day on.

3. Contoocook River Canoe Co. (Concord)

Building off Daisy Beach, the Contoocook River Canoe Company rents out canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and more to people looking to get out on the water. They have a stretch of river bank for you to get in, and you can choose to go upstream towards Daisy Beach, take lessons right in front of the company, or paddle around wherever you choose. Each time I’ve rented from them/taken a lesson, they’ve given me a great, personal experience. Highly recommend!

4. Marjory Swope Trail (Concord)

Marjory Swope is an easy, hour-long hike to do with kids and adults. It’s a 2-mile loop then passes through a clearing where you can look out onto Penacook Lake. It’s open year round, with a parking lot available at the trailhead.

5. True Brew Barista (Concord)

True Brew Barista is a common location for grabbing a quick bite to catch up with friends. This small café is tucked behind Main Street, with 2 sides – one for donuts and coffee, the other for drinks and live music. The vibe in this place is very homey, and their gluten-free apple bread is to die for!

6. Kaye’s Place (Penacook)

Newly opened, this coffee shop has been the location for local middle and high schoolers to stop by after school for a cup of coffee or tea. It’s stationed right in the center of Penacook and has the small-town feel everyone loves. This is the only location I’ve yet to visit because it’s so new, however everyone I speak to raves about it.

7. Main Street (Concord)

As a general rule of thumb, Main Street in any town or city is a great place to walk around and explore. Concord’s Main Street, however, has a few hidden gems. There’s, of course, the True Brew Barista on one side street, a record store, a mural, a library (with a great studying lounge), a bridal shop, multiple tattoo parlors and a wonderful collection of local businesses to support! Just taking 2 hours to walk up and down this short street and seeing what you can find could lead to some great finds (and photos).

8. Lilise Designer Resale (Concord)

Lilise Designer Resale is a thrift shop one street down from Main St. It’s situated right across from a sizable plaza, but is still somehow a “hole in the wall” location. I’ve visited once and left with 3 shirts and a handbag. Their reasonable prices and great customer service make this a necessary stop on your exploration.

9. Oak Hill Fire Tower (Loudon)

The Oak Hill Fire Tower trail is an easy hike with a rewarding view. After only 20-30 minutes of walking a shallow hill, you reach the top, where you can climb the fire tower to see the lakes region and surrounding mountains. Depending on your timeline, you could continue to hike the area’s trails for hours or return the way you came.

10. Mountain Rd. at sunset (Concord)

Mountain Rd. at sunset is much less visiting a distinct location as it is witnessing a jaw-dropping experience. This road that runs along 93 offers a more rural drive that, when timed correctly, can give you the most beautiful view. As the sun is setting, you can see the sky around you grow orange to pink to purple. No photo could ever do this justice.

11. Beech Hill Farm (Concord)

The last location is just barely outside of south-western Concord. It’s a quaint farm offering school trips, corn mazes, ice cream, and cute farm animals. It’s open May-October, and was awarded “Best of New England” destination by Boston Magazine!


I hope you enjoy your time in the beautiful Concord, NH. Don’t forget to take pictures for the memories!