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10 Ways to Stay Awake In Class

We all have those mornings (or for some afternoons) that we just can’t seem to focus on what our teacher is lecturing to us. Soon our eyelids grow heavy and our heads bow down and we dose off for what seems like most of class. When you are abruptly woken up, you are unsure of what you missed and try to play catch up with your notes while keeping up with the teacher’s talking. Soon it becomes a mess and the professor starts to notice your sleeping habits and will call you out in front of the class (it has happened to my friends before!) Especially after homecoming weekend filled with parties, tailgating, and little to no sleep, you will need these tips on how to stay awake in class! 

1. Listen to music before class!
For me, it always helps to listen to my ipod on the way to class. Usually, I like upbeat music that makes me want to dance because it wakes up my body and my brain! Some people like classical music to get into the focus mindset while others love shuffling it up to never know what they will get next! Music helps waken the brain to make you ready to sit in the classroom!

2. Coffee, coffee, coffee
Lots of caffeine aka a college student’s favorite thing/lifesaver!

3. Notes!
As much as taking notes is not a fun task it helps you focus, stay awake and retain the information that the teacher is lecturing to you!

4. An apple a day...
People sometimes feel that caffeine has no effect on them and that is sometimes true. Eating an apple wakes you up 2 times more than caffeine does, so listen to that advice you heard when you were younger and eat an apple a day....or at least before class!

5. Eat those 3 meals a day!
Eating healthy and well balanced meals (especially breakfast!) helps your body function and stay alert all throughout the day! So don’t skip meals, especially before class! If you don’t have time to grab a bite before class make sure you bring at least a snack with you!

6. Always bring some water
Water wakes you up, keeps you healthy, and benefits your health. Always drink some to stay hydrated and awake in class!

7. Sit in the first three rows
As much as we all love the back rows, the first three rows are where you will be forced to be awake because the teacher is right there!

8. Take a power nap!
Now when I say power nap I don’t mean a two hour snoozefest, but a 20 minute nap just to refresh your mind from all the learning. Don’t have time to make it back to your dorm, house, or apartment? Some favorite spots of UNH students for power naps are the library or study rooms in the MUB. Get creative, there is bound to be a little nook somewhere on campus for a quick nap!

9. Chew mint gum or eat a hard candy
Chewing gum will help you stay awake because it gives your body and mind a task to focus on and the mint flavor will wake you right up!

10. Make your schedule work for YOU!
Everyone at UNH knows that 8:10s and 3:40s are probably the two worst times EVER to have a class. 8:10 is way to early in the morning and 3:40 is an awkward time that makes you sleepy and not wanting to pay attention. So when scheduling your classes try to avoid those times (or any time that you know doesn’t work for you)! If your class only is offered at those times then make sure you have times throughout the day for a nap and healthy meal!


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