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My sister and I in our backyard, taking photos together.
My sister and I in our backyard, taking photos together.
Jenna Godin
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10 Ways To Remind Your Loved Ones That They Matter

Checking in on our loved ones and making sure they know we are here for them is very important. You can never be too sure about what someone else is going through, so it is critical that we take the necessary steps in order to make sure they never feel alone!

  1. Send them a text. The text can be as little as a good morning or good night text, asking how their day was, or really just anything so they know that you’re thinking of them.
  2. Tag them in social media posts. Everyone loves getting tagged in a funny meme or a cute saying. Tagging someone lets them know this reminds you of them!
  3. Take them out. It can be anything from grabbing a coffee to a night out on the town! Just spending time together can mean everything.
  4. Send a gift. Send them a card in the mail, Venmo money for some coffee, some flowers, just something small that reminds you of them and to put a smile on their face!
  5. Be present. People have a hard time expressing themselves, so if they’re talking be engaged in what they’re saying and attentive to the conversation because what they’re saying is important to them.
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  6. Be honest. No one likes to be left in the dark! It’s best to be honest and upfront with people even when it’s hard.
  7. Show up. Be there when they need you most whether asked or not. The truth is we all need help even if we don’t express it, you never know what someone is going through and the best you can do for them is to show up.
  8. Be supportive. A positive support system can make a huge impact on someone’s life, people need to know they’re not in this alone.
  9. Acknowledge their hopes and dreams. Make it known that you remember what they’re working towards and talk about it with them because it’s what they’re passionate about.
  10. Tell them about you. Letting someone into your world is a great way to let them know that you trust and love them enough to open up about yourself. Even though you want to be there for them, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about yourself too!
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