10 Things You Have To Do On Your Next Trip Montreal

We’re young. We’re wild. We’re craving adventure. Who doesn’t love impromptu trips to Canada over the weekend? Whether you’re going with your gal pals or your bae it’s an awesome place to visit and there is much to see. This feature focuses more on what to see in Montreal. The culture, the bars, the museums and the French! From Poutine to pubs Montreal has a lot to offer and here are some places you have to put on your must list for your next trip!

  1. Montreal Bio Dome

This is an absolute must! In 1976 the Olympics were hosted in Montreal and the Bio Dome used to be home to the cycling and judo competitions. Now it is comprised of different ecosystems. You can have birds flying over your head and come less than a foot away from beavers, otters, sloths and monkeys!! You cannot leave Montreal without visiting this amazing place.

1. Café Campus!

Cafe Campus is a perfect place to go for young college kids looking to party. There’s a dj, disco ball and a rocking bar that is priced perfectly for broke students. College kids from all around show off their dance moves and are ready for a good time. This place has to go on your list especially if you want to have their scrumptious Long Island Ice Teas.

2. Old Montreal

Your little bit of Europe in Canada! Old Montreal is lined with cobblestone streets, small boutiques, incredible art galleries and even more incredible restaurants. It’s the heart of Montreal and is perfect for picture taking!

3. Mad Hatter

Speaking from experience, this bar is amazing! It is full of locals and always has killer music playing. You can sit at the bar and sing-a-long to the great songs while also taking shot after shot with the amazing bartenders there! Next time you visit Montreal go here! You won’t regret it.

4. Eaton Underground Mall

Just in case you were looking for some retail therapy, Montreal is home to an incredible and massive underground mall! The top floor you can find the mall’s very own wax museum and they have a massive food court. Shop the day away underground in this super cool mall!

5. Montreal Botanical Garden

This garden will literally take your breath away! It has everything and is nothing short of heaven. It has a beautiful butterfly exhibit, massive shrub sculptures and all sorts of tours telling you all about the life in these gardens! If you go in the Summer or Spring this garden cannot go unexplored.


6. FouFounes Electric Club

Wild. Weird. Fun. This place is insanity. It reeks of crazy clubs in Montreal and I can promise you will never get bored when you’re there! Just the atmosphere could tell you that much! It’s a spot you just have to try.

7. Get Poutine!

Just in case you didn’t get the memo; poutine is amazing! It’s a famous Canadian dish that consists of French fries smothered in gravy with cheese! Sounds simple and also like it would give you a heart attack but you cannot leave Montreal without trying it. Go anywhere. Do what you have to do. Just do not leave without trying this amazing meal.

8. Notre Dame Basilica

No, the hunchback of Notre Dame did not live here. No, it is not the Notre Dame of Paris but the beauty of this amazing basilica will blow your mind. The stained glass, the architecture exemplifies the beauty of the city’s history.

9. Fairmount Bagels

For your, most likely hungover, trip home you must grab the bagels from Fairmount Bagels. They’re to die for and nothing helps you cope with the excess alcohol intake that comes with exploring Montreal than a scrumptious bagel!


Let’s face it, most college kids decide to go to Montreal for the ability to drink! But there is so much more to it than that! It’s full of culture, good food and amazing people. Yes, there are incredible clubs, bars and pubs but be prepared to take it all in! It is a city worth exploring so don’t forget to put all of these on your list for your next trip.