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10 Things To Look Forward To This Winter

Winter is right around the corner, so here is a list of 10 things to get you excited!


1.    Christmas

The best season of all.  The most magical, merry time of the year that is spent watching numerous Christmas movies and listening to as much holiday music as you want.


2.   Snow

Waking up to see beautiful, sparkly, white snow out your window is the best sensation.  And what is even better than Christmas, but a White Christmas!  Let it snow! 


3.   Hot chocolate

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, winter day.  And better yet, Peppermint hot chocolate will be making an appearance before we know it.  


4.   Baking

Getting together with friends and family, or even just in your free time, homemade holiday cookies will make any day better.  Put together a cookie swap and share your delicious goods and catch up with some friends.


5.   Sitting by the fire

The best way to warm up- grab some fuzzy socks, a cup of hot chocolate, and watch a Christmas movie in front of the fire place- you won’t be disappointed.



6.   Hockey games

Nothing screams school spirit like sitting in the student section, and cheering on your team. 



7.    Skiing/snowboarding

Making the trek to a mountain with close friends is the highlight of my winter.  So many memories are made and everyone has a good time.



8.   Winter break

No school. That is all.




9. New years

Getting together with friends and family and gathering around the T.V. to watch the ball drop is a moment like no other.



10.  Family

Winter and the Holidays are all about being with family.  Family truly is the best gift anyone could ever receive.






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