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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Gilmore Girls



If you haven’t discovered this addictive to watch show yet, then I highly recommend watching this series. With the winter months coming up, we all could use a show that we can binge non-stop for days on end, we’ve all done it before. This coming-of-age story is one of the best shows I have discovered while exploring the Recommended for You section of Netflix. To help my other Her Campus peeps out there find a good show to binge, I have put together 10 reasons why I recommend watching Gilmore Girls.

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 Reason 1:

              There are many lessons about life and love to learn while watching Rory grow up and navigate both her love and home life.


Reason 2:

              The hilarious Lorelai Gilmore will teach you about never being serious in life with her quick witty comebacks to any situation or conversation in the show.


Reason 3:

              You’ll be on the edge of your seat rooting for the many different relationships within the show...if you thought Twilight was exciting with the different love interests, you’ll enjoy the twists and surprises that happen to both Lorelai and Rory.


Reason 4:

              There are so many seasons that this show could keep you busy all break long…seriously…there are SO many seasons to this show that it feels like it could never end (in a good way, of course!).


Reason 5:

              Throughout the show you get to learn about how people can be happy in different life situations, specifically coming from one way of life to another. (Don’t want to spoil the plot so you’ll just have to see for yourself ;))

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Reason 6:

              This show will make you appreciate how much you have grown throughout your life to get where you are today.


Reason 7:

              There will be so many occasions where you get to pick sides and root for whatever character you pick…after you get to the parts with these characters…team Luke or Christopher? ;)


Reason 8:

              You’ll learn that there are some people in your life that will unexpectedly be some of your best allies and/or friend(s).


Reason 9:

              There never seems to be a dull moment throughout the show, you’ll rarely, if ever, find yourself feeling bored with the plot line.


Reason 10:

              You won’t regret watching this series and going through the life of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, their story will have you constantly wanting more!

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My name is Haley Ott and I am a business student at UNH. I plan on pursuing a minor in Real Estate.
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