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10 Reasons Why Target is the Best Place on Earth

1. Name one thing you can’t find there

From clothing, to electronics, to furniture, to make up and shampoo; Target has it all!  

2. Every store is different 


Haters will say certain Target’s are a “hit or miss”. While I refuse to agree with this, I will admit every Target location comes with a different experience

3. The Bathing Suits

As soon as that first over 70 degree day at the end of April hits, the first place you’ll find me is knee deep in the Target bathing suit section. They never fail to be on top of the summer’s latest beach attire trends.

4. Size of the Store

​Whether you’re on a mission to grab that one t shirt or if you’re just looking to browse, chances are you’ll get lost and end up with something you had no intention of buying.

5. Locations

No matter where you are in this country, there is bound to be a Target somewhere. Unless you’re in Vermont … then … I’m so so sorry.

6. You can find almost any basic clothing item

​Tis’ the season for the basics: jeans, leggings and jackets. Nothing pulls together a comfy fall outfit like a green or burgundy shirt to go under the season’s best light jacket!

7. White Shirts??

Plain white t-shirts, we always need them but never have them. But no need to fear, Target has crew necks AND v necks! 

8. Affordability

Once fully embraced in the “broke college kid” lifestyle, Target never fails to have your back. 

9. Starbucks 

Starbs. In every store. Need I say more? 

10. Food

Clothing, crafts, makeup, pillows, christmas decorations AND food all in the same store??


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