10 Reasons Why Adele Is Queen

Since the minute the album 19 came out, Adele has been inspiring so many people in this world with her presence. She has made MASSIVE waves in the music industry and won our hearts (as well as countless awards) through exuding her totally boss attitude. With this goddess who has been nothing but authentic and pure since day one, there is no doubt in my mind that she is a true queen.

1. Her Style

This 28-year-old boss has class beyond her years and the style of a modern-day royal. In all her effortlessly flowy dresses that she parades in, she proves that her fashion sense is truly the epitome of chic.

2. She Proudly Stands Up For What She Believes In

One of the biggest things that drew me and the rest of the world to Adele, besides her out of this world voice, is the person she is. In her interviews, she always truthfully speaks her mind and shows incredible empathy for others. Her strength and conviction in what she is saying truly spreads her message of love, acceptance, and empowerment to all loud and clear.

3. Her Songs

Adele really should write a book on how to successfully attack the listener's emotions through song because her music is the perfect example of this. She hits us straight in the heart due to her raw sound and masterful manipulation of lyrics. She exposes her most vulnerable self in her songs while pairing it with the perfect beat. Thus it makes them all sound so fresh and unique.


It’s incredible to think how one voice can change the world and Adele has one of those voices. Words truly do not do justice in expressing how truly remarkable her voice is. And because words fail to describe her voice, it fits perfectly into who Adele is. She is not a woman who is all talk and no results, but someone who just sings and allows you to feel. There is no doubt that when she sings, she is always giving her absolute best. She taps right into being incredibly vulnerable while she performs and you can't help but feel her emotions. The power and strength she exudes while singing makes you feel nothing less than empowered and emotionally connected.

5. Her Passion She Conveys When Performing

Adele is not your typical performer who likes the flashy presentations and fireworks when she is singing. She keeps it so simple and striking that you can’t help but to listen to the song and the meaning behind it. I mean, how could you not feel something during her performances when even she tears up after finishing a song. The vulnerability she displays after sharing her whole heart with us during performances is commendable and inspiring.

6. Her Sass

No one truly has the kind of breezy swagger that Adele has. She is an artist that looks so cool jamming out to her music that you can't help but to want to groove along with her! Her perfect little dashes of spice with hand flicks or eye gazes truly gives Adele that spunk we all adore. 

7. Her Humility

One of the greatest qualities of Adele is how she never boasts or flaunts her talents. She simply does what she loves and through that, she shows us how absolutely incredible she is. I mean, she publically stated in her acceptance speech at the 2017 Grammy's that she wanted to give her 'Album of The Year' Award to Beyonce because she felt she didn’t deserve it in comparison to her! As if that isn’t enough, Adele is a celebrity that tries to stay out of the spotlight as much as she can and truly values the little private life she has. The only drama Adele ever stirs up is when she speaks up for social justice which just adds another level of perfection to her already flawless being.

8. Her Realness

Adele is very honest about who she is and her flaws. She doesn’t try to deny her deep admiration for Rihanna or Beyonce nor her love for swearing and food. Not only is she vocally raw but she is completely genuine in her personality. She has proven time and time again how she never tries to be someone she isn’t. She loves herself and vocalizes that she knows her points at which she still has to grow which is one of the most honorable things about her.

9. Her Humor

Adele not only has this fantastic laugh that is truly contagious but she also has a lovely sense of humor to back it up. Her comedic timing is so spot on that you can't help but laugh along with her when she tells a story or cracks a joke. She isn't afraid to be silly when she's in the spotlight and because of this, it makes her so much more relatable as a person. Her expressive personality and a true sense of who she is allows us all to feel like we can connect and laugh with her. 

10. Her Effortless Beauty

Adele's beauty on the inside is equally matched to how unbelievably beautiful she is on the outside. If looks could kill, Adele's striking eyes would pierce you right in the heart. I mean, with cheekbones that could cut glass and a body that is the perfect hourglass how can you not stop and revel in this queen and all her glory.   

So keep shining Adele, all your subjects will be here bowing down to you and all your glory every step of the way. All hail the one true queen xoxo