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10 Reasons To Love New England


With the winter weather torturing us New Englanders, it’s hard not to question why we didn’t choose a school somewhere warmer. Our friends in Florida and California, instagraming and snap chatting pictures of the beach and their nights out in shorts and dresses; they seem to have gotten the whole location thing right. The negative winds and frigid 8 a.m. walks through the snow can leave us bitter, sometimes regretting our choice of a New England school.  Although the winters can be harsh and seemingly never ending, we must not forget the reasons why we didn’t want to leave.

1.    The Seasons

Having four seasons is unique and one of the most wonderful parts about living in New England. Sure we have to suffer through tough winters, but when it gets to that moment where everything starts getting green and warming up again, it’s all worth it. The summer is hot, but not too hot, with nice nights. Then when it finally starts to cool down and we can pull out those sweaters and boots, we remember how great fall is. And what other time do we have an excuse to stay inside, drink hot coco, and watch movies all day but the winter? Imagine not having all of those seasonal changes! Living in a place where it is one season all the time is just plain boring.  

2. Beaches

If you grew up in New England, there is no doubt that you’ve spent some, if not your entire summers on one of the many great beaches. From Old Lyme and Stonington on the Connecticut shore, or Narragansett and Watch Hill in Rhode Island. Bumming the summers on the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket in Mass. Surfing the days away on the shores of Rye Beach and North Beach in New Hampshire or even testing the freezing waters on Peaks Island or Ogunquit Maine… if you dare. New England is filled with some of the most beautiful beaches and lighthouses in the United States.


3. History

New England is where the Pilgrims landed and had the first Thanksgiving. It is where the first shot of the revolution were fired and, where the first colleges where built. Being the root of the states, it gives us a lot of pretty cool history and character you can’t find may other places.

4. The Cities  

From Portland, to Portsmouth, and Newport to Providence, New England has some unique ocean side cities. Sure L.A and Miami are cool, but nothing can beat our beloved Boston. If you’re in New England, you are never too far away from a great time in one of our many cities.

5. The Food

New England’s food is arguably the best not only the United States, but maybe the world. Who does seafood as well as we do? Clam chowder, lobster rolls, crab cakes, clambakes. If you’re in New England, you never have to worry about having amazing seafood. Lets not forget our original woopie pies and maple syrup. Can you get much better than Cape Cod chips or Dunkins? Not to mention anything with cranberries or blueberries. Overall, New England has some absolutely delicious foods that you can’t get as good anywhere but here.

6. Apples

If you grew up in New England, you know that when fall comes around, you’re going to pick apples and run around in a corn maze no matter your age. The many apple orchards around New England have the best apples. Those apples are famous for creating our delicious cider, apple donuts, apple pies, applesauce, and any other apple creation you can think of.

7. Foliage

Probably one of the most well known aspects of New England is the beautiful fall foliage. There is nothing more amazing than seeing the vibrant orange and red leaves appear on the trees. People come from all around to hike up and see these exquisite treetops. Foliage like this is something you can only get here in New England


8. Charm

Living in some of the oldest towns in the United States, the architecture and quaint homes in New England are ones you can’t find anywhere else. The picturesque houses and towns make New England one of a kind. 

9. Sports

If you are a New Englander, you already know we have some of the best sports teams. From the Red Sox with Big Papi, to the Patriots with our oh so talented, (and adorable) Tom Brady. Even with our hockey and basketball, the Bruins and Celtics, we kill it. Boston sports have had 8 championships in the past 12 years with a mix of Superbowls, Stanley Cup wins, NBA Champions and World Series Champions, you can’t find a better city of athletes. And lastly, being a Connecticut girl, we can’t forget the Whalers.


10. Snow

I know it may seem crazy at the moment as we suffer through weeks upon weeks of harsh negative temperatures… however, you have to admit you love the snow. There is nothing like having a white Christmas, or waking up and seeing a fresh blanket of beautiful white snow covering the ground and treetops. New Hampshire and Vermont have many great skiing and snowboard spots. Sure we suffer through some tough winter months but hey, what’s better than waking up and having a snow day?


Next time you reconsider your choice in school location, or complain about another freezing below zero walk to class, remember that you can tough it out! You’re a New Englander…own it! At end of the day, lets be honest, there is no better place to call home.



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