10 Netflix TV Shows to Binge Watch

10 Netflix TV Shows to Binge Watch

You know we all do it. Whether you have the day off, have no homework, or plenty of it, we all have one thing in common. If there’s one thing we're are all guilty of,  it's binge watching Netflix. Everyone’s favorite activity! Be honest. The options are endless and new shows are being added constantly. Deciding what to watch can be overwhelming. So, if you’re having trouble choosing, here’s a list of ten shows to binge watch on Netflix.


  1. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is more than just a show about high school friends and their drama. There are nine seasons ranging from 16-25 episodes per season, and I promise it’s still not enough episodes. One Tree Hill has everything ranging from love, suspense, tragedy, anger, family, sports and so much more. You will fall in love with almost every character because they have personalities and storylines you cannot fathom into your own reality, but desperately wish you could. By the end of series, you will wish you lived in Tree Hill and were a kicking it around town with the friend group. The Scott brothers will steal your heart, break it and return it to you every single season.  "There’s only one Tree Hill, and it’s your home." 

    2. Gossip Girl

If anyone has ever dreamed of living in the city growing up like I once did, then Gossip Girl might help fill this void. This show is filled with secrets, lies, drugs, drinking, friendship, luxury, love and suspense. Each character will make you rip your hair out at times, and you might even hate them now and again, but by the end of this show you will love them all. Every girl secretly wishes they were Serena or Blaire and wants to date Dan, Nate and Chuck. You will never figure out who Gossip Girl is, and this might drive you crazy at times. Come finale, you will wish the show was never ending and will cry as you close a chapter of your life fantasizing about the Upper East Side's elite.

     3. Greys Anatomy

"You’re my person," a phrase often exchanged between this shows characters that will hit you right in the feels. This show is so much more than just a medical show. This show has it all - including McDreamy and McSteamy. You will see what these doctors go through and all they endure throughout their careers. You will cry real tears. Each death will leave an impact on your life. You will see love, heartbreak, wins, miracles, reunions and losses. The addiction will become so real as you grow alongside the characters for 10+ seasons.

        4. The Office

The Office will have you laughing from the first episode. You wil end up rewatching episodes and still laugh are hard as you did the first time. Each character is all different in their own way and you will fall in love with each one of them. Also, Dwight is one of the funniest characters I’ve EVER seen on TV. Not to mention, Jim and Pam are the real relationship goals.

5. Friends

I have watched Friends a bunch of times and have seen certain episodes multiple times. You will wish every character was your friend in real life and become obsessed with their witty banter. The show spans ten seasons, and you will not get sick of any of them. This is a show you will watch over again because you will miss it so much.

6. Friday Night Lights

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t lose. Football fantatic or not, this show is a must watch. This show is full of love, friendship, family, high school and emulates what it’s like to be a Dillon Panther. 

 7. Vampire Diaries

First off, The Salvatore Brothers. You will fall in love the minute they appear on your screen. Fans have obsessed over watching the ever-expanding universe of vampires, werewolves, witches, doppelgangers - gasping at every kiss and murder. This show will surprise you and always leave you wanting more. You will fall in love with the villains even when you don’t want too. This show will make you question your idea of good and evil more than half the time.

8. Saved by the Bell

Growing up this show was all I watched and every season is on now on Netflix. Watch it from start to finish and fall in love with Zack Morris. Just do it. 

9. Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope combined make the perfect combination. You will laugh at every episode and never be disappointed. When you're looking for a pick me up show, this one takes the cake. Take my word for it.

10.  Shameless

The Gallaghers are everyone’s favorite Chicago family. By the end of this show you will almost wish you were a Gallagher too. This show focuses on a deadbeat father who suffers from alcoholism and steals or schemes in order to survive. He is the father of six children who all have their own problems. This show will have you laughing and and feeling challenged as you watch characters overcome what feel like daily obstacles. You will watch this show quickly and will be begging for more. Lucky for you, the new season is premiering in October!