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10 Gifts for Him

You think you know someone until you have to get them a gift. Trying to figure out what anyone wants to receive is difficult, especially when it comes to your boyfriend. Instead of struggling and consulting your friends, I did the work for you. So here’s 10 gifts that your boyfriend might like to get. But fair warning, I don’t have a boyfriend so you might want to double check with your friends.

1. Sports Apparel

You can’t go wrong with getting him a shirt or jersey of his favorite sports team. Sports gear would also be a great gift idea for sports lovers.

2. Watch

Is your boyfriend always late? Well then, why not get him a watch? He’ll never be late again.

3. Tickets

Tickets to anything would be a great idea because it’s something you can do together. The tickets could be for anything like a sports game, movie tickets and amusement parks.

4. Stuffed Wallet

If your boyfriend is in need of a new wallet get him one and then stuff it with gift cards. The gift cards could be to all the different places he goes like clothing stores and fast food places.

5. Drinking Game

For all twenty-one year olds, getting the gift of alcohol is a pretty great thing. Get your boyfriend a 6-pack of his favorite beer and a cool drinking game you guys can play with friends at the next get-together.

6. Cologne

Do you want your boyfriend to smell better? Then get him cologne that you would like him to smell like.

7. Phone Accessories

Let’s be honest, everyone is obsessed with their phones. Getting him a nice set of headphones, speakers or a new phone case are simple gifts that your boyfriend will actually use.

8. Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses are always a classic choice.

9. Shoes

Believe it or not men like shoes just like women do. So figure out his shoe size and get him a nice pair of boots or sneakers.

10. Basket

If you want to get a cute and mushy gift I recommend getting a basket and filling it with all of his favorite things. You can put his favorite candy, snacks, movies and games. It shows him that you know what he likes.



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