10 Choker Necklaces That Every Collegiette Needs To Own

Over the past year, choker necklaces have been making a comeback as a huge fashion trend among female millenials. It's different, simple, and it adds an edgeness to your outfit. As many of us are broke college students, here are 10 affordable choker necklaces that every collegiette needs to own. 

1. Denim Choker from JawBreaking

2. Gold Layered Choker from Pacsun

3. Satin Choker from Forever21

4. Curb Chain Velvet Choker from Forever21

5. Bandana Printed Choker from ASOS

6. Metal Deco Choker from New Look

7. Multi-Pack Chokers from ALDO

8. Faux Leather Choker from Nordstrom

9. Black Lace Choker from Lulus

10. Mesh Choker from Express