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Tuesday’s Trends: Two-Piece Dress

This summer is going to be a scorcher in Florida. But really, what else is new?

Every summer we’re looking for a different way to show off our style without resorting back to the plain old cut offs and tank. While there’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics, it’s still fun to mix things up every once in a while. Enter, the two-piece dress.

It’s pretty similar to a crop top/ high waisted skirt combo, but there are subtle differences in this latest trend.

The first comes in the continuous pattern of the two piece dress. With crop tops and skirts you have the freedom to mix and match how you wish. But, the ongoing pattern of the two piece dress gives the image over everything being one piece.

Another difference is that the tops in the two-piece are a bit less cropped than the crop top/skirt pairing. With just a little bit of midriff showing, the outfit is still technically separates, but looks like one. Hence, the dress part of the two-piece dress!

While procrastinating trolling through searching through the internet, we managed to pick out some of our favorite two-piece dress combos, and we’re here to share them with you! 


Casual Stripes

Nothing says casual like cotton stripes. A super simple pairing for a super simple day, but you’re still able to look your best!


All White Midi

Can we just talk about this midi set, please? And the monochromatic all white (it comes in black, too!) that’s also in trend around this time. Actually in love with this look.


“Florals? In the spring? Groundbreaking.”

We’re digging the flowers, even if it weren’t spring. The lightweight fabric on this two-piece is what’s attractive about it, because it definitely beats anything too solid when the temperature starts to rise. 


True Blue

Adding some edge to any outfit is always welcomed. We’re loving the different shades of blue on this dress, and of course, the leather jacket. 


LB (Two-piece) D

Wait a minute—this is a DIY? Oh, yes please. We’re going to try out these step-by-step instructions as soon as finals week is over! 


Whether it be patterend or one solid color, summer is definitely calling for this two-piece look. 

Have fun, collegiettes!



Photo Credit:All credits set in pictures as click-through links to originial sources. 

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