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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNF chapter.

With a new semester beginning, and this officially being the start of the first full semester of Her Campus UNF, we wanted to introduce one of the the Campus Correspondents of the UNF chapter.

Meet Her Campus UNF Campus Correspondent, Maya Dartiguenave!


HC: What is your major, and what do you want to do with it?

MD: I am a communications major, focusing on the journalism track. And then I’m working on a creative writing minor. Truthfully, I have no set idea on where I want to take my degree once I finally get it. I have a huge passion for writing, and eventually want to be able to publish some of my own things, but as for a direct career, I haven’t landed on anything quite yet. I have things in mind, obviously, but I’m just looking to find something that really grabs me.

HC: What year are you in?

MD: I’m in the second half of my junior year, so I graduate, hopefully, Spring 2016.

HC: Where are you from?

MD: Originally, I’m from Colorado. But, I grew up in Philadelphia, so that’s where I call home.

HC: Why did you pick UNF for college?

MD: It was through a lot of trial and error, honestly! I had originally moved to New York for my freshman year of college, and then moved back a while ago. UNF is actually my third college, and I’m so happy that I found somewhere to settle and focus! It’s close to my family and friends, so there’s a really nice comfort in being here.

HC: Name one thing that you love to do.

MD: I’m an avid reader. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth! It’s always been a passion of mine.

HC: What’s one interesting thing about you?

MD: I’ve never been to third grade! When I was smaller, I went to a boarding school in Philadelphia, and I did well, so they asked me if I wanted to go to fourth grade right after that year, and I said yes.

HC: What’s your favorite quote? Or a motto that you live by?

MD: “You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody,” by Maya Angelou. I think this is fitting, considering I’m named after the person who said it. I love this, though, because it’s a constant reminder that to myself that I am enough for the world, and that I shouldn’t try to be anything that doesn’t feel true to me.

HC: What made you want to start a UNF chapter of Her Campus?

MD: I just thought it would be an amazing outlet for women around campus who love the things that are involved in HC. Fashion, lifestyles, journalism—all of those interest me personally, and I knew that I couldn’t be the only one.

HC: What do you want to come out of Her Campus UNF?

MD: I really want to the chapter to be a success, honestly. I want students to be excited about being able to voice their opinions and ideas on a website like this, and be able to share their talents and passions for writing. I also want students to want to read what we put on the site.  There’s so much that can come of having an organization like this on campus, and I think that being open to whatever possibilities and opportunities that come before us is going to make it great. 

My name is Techeira Francis and I am a Junior at the University of North Florida. I am a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Psychology. I am planning on having a career with the federal government working for Homeland Security. My interests include mystery murder books, caramel macchiatos, all criminal case shows (and I mean ALL), telling myself to go to the gym, and tea.
My name is Maya Dartiguenave, and I am a senior at the University of North Florida. I'm a communications major, with a focus in public relations. Reading, writing, anything to do with words is what holds my true interest, which is why I'm so happy to be a part of Her Campus! I'm so excited to have started UNF's chapter of Her Campus!While I claim to be a Florida girl for now, my heart belongs to Philadelphia, always. (Go, Eagles!) I hope to move away from Florida after graduation, work my way through grad school, and begin my career in publishing. The future is definitely going to be an adventure, and I can't wait for it!