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Meet Demarcus Daniels

The men’s basketball team has been on a roll this season, and it has been seeing them excel! We were lucky enough to be able to speak to a few of the players between practie, games and classes. So, meet one of ur Osprey forwards, #32, Demarcus Daniels.
Name: Demarcus Daniels
Major: Health Science
Hometown: Ashburn, GA
Year: Junior
HC: Why did you choose UNF?
DD: The coaching staff made me feel really welcomed during the recruiting process. Its also not too far from my hometown.
HC:  Are you a walk on or scouted athlete?
DD: I was recruited by UNF for 2 years.
HC: What are you future plans with your major?
DD: After i finish my undergrad at UNF, I plan to go on to PA school.
HC: Who is your role model?
DD: Definitely my mom. She instilled my core values into me a very young age. Always taught me to remain focused, humble, and appreciative. She also taught me that there is only one acceptable way to do things and that is at 100% effort.
HC: How excited are you for March Madness?
DD: I am beyond excited to be a part of March Madness. It has always been a dream of mine.
HC: How have you balanced basketball and college?
DD: Maintaining a balance between school and ball can be tough at some points but I manage to pull it off by just keeping my end goal in mind. I came to school to get my degree.
HC: How has your family supported you through your college life and basketball?
DD: My family has excelled at being a more than sufficient support team. They are always there to give encouraging words after a loss and when they have the chance to make it to a game they never hesitate. 
My name is Techeira Francis and I am a Junior at the University of North Florida. I am a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Psychology. I am planning on having a career with the federal government working for Homeland Security. My interests include mystery murder books, caramel macchiatos, all criminal case shows (and I mean ALL), telling myself to go to the gym, and tea.
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