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Just this past week, Orange is the New Black’s hottest security guard and How to Get Away with Murder’s comic relief declared that he was a feminist on his personal Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Ten points, McGorry!


Matt admitted that he had never known the actual definition of the word “feminism,” and what it actually means to be a feminist. Instead he, like many people, just fell into believing society’s thoughts on what feminism is. Unfortunately, “the other f-word” has gained a negative connotation through our society, and it is what (too) many people end up believing.

However, with a little bit of research and thought, it is simple to see that feminism is the desire for both men and women to be equal. That’s it, folks! It is the necessity for women to stop being treated as objects, and to start being treated as human beings. (The audacity!)

We’re proud of you, Matt!

Now get back to jail. We’re ready for OITNB’s return on June 12!

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