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Campus Cutie: Michael Boyd


Name: Michael BoydMajor: Chemistry and PhysicsYear: SeniorHometown: Pensacola, FLRelationship Status: SingleAge: 24


HC: If you knew you would die in one week, what would you do?MB: Lots of dangerous stuff, like skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping, paragliding etc..

HC: What type of girl are you attracted to?MB: Open minded and adventurous.

HC: What was the weirdest relationship you have ever had?MB:  I dated a girl for like a week and I only knew her nickname I didn’t know her real name.

HC: What makes you smile in life? MB: I like seeing parents who are raising well behaved kids.

HC: What is your favourite ice cream flavour?MB: Moose Tracks

HC: Who was your first crush?MB: A girl named Miranda. She was actually my “girlfriend” 1st through 5th grade. I used to write “I love you” on paper ball them up and throw them at her and after she stopped hating me we dated. It is the best relationship I’ve been in.

HC: What are your ideas about true love?MB: I believe that theres a chance that it exists. I think its really hard to find.

HC: What’s your favourite colour? MB: Blue

HC: Describe the most embarrassing moment in your life?MB: When I was in the 4th grade I had a solo in the chorus and half way through the song I forgot the words.

HC: What are some of your hobbies?MB: I play instruments, I play rugby, I got to the gym and I like to read?

HC:What kind of books do you like to read? MB: I like the literary classics. My favorite book is The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.

HC: What is your worst habit? MB: I have a really big sweet tooth. Especially late at night.

HC: If you ruled the world, what would your change?MB: #WorldPeace, no but really, I think educators should be paid more and more respected.

HC: Do you like spontaneity or do you like routine?MB: Spontaneity.  Variety is the spice of life. 

HC: What celebrity would you trade lives with?MB: Obama or Rick Ross.

Hello all! My name is Emina, I am a junior at the University of North Florida, double majoring psychology and criminal justice, with aspirations of being a lawyer. Currently I am conducting interviews and writing the Campus Cutie, section of the UNF chapter for hercampus.com.  If anyone has any suggestions about who should be our next campus cutie fell free to email me, at this email address: [email protected]!  
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