Before you use Uber or Lyft, Please Read these Tips

Oh, fall semester. The possibilities you hold are truly endless. Will I pass this class? Will I end up with that hot guy in my 10 am? Will the construction ever end? Only time will tell. But one thing that is certain is we’re all going to use Uber or Lyft at some point, so here’s a couple of reminders for how to stay safe!

Always ask for who they’re picking up. After checking that the car matches up with what the app says I always open the door and poke my head in to ask who they’re picking up. They’ll only know because of the app. The University of South Carolina, as well as Uber, really pushed this last year after the tragic death of Samantha Josephson.

Share your ride with a friend. This is also something that was developed last year in hopes of making ride-sharing apps safer. As soon as you order a ride there’s an option to share every update with a trusted contact. The contact will receive updates such as who the driver is and license plate number as well as being able to see where you’re going until you’re dropped off.

Realize there’s a long process to become and stay a driver. There are multiple screenings drivers must go through that go over their driving, any and all criminal offenses, and periodically they’ll be asked to take a selfie before going on a trip to make sure the right person is behind the wheel. It’s also encouraged to give any and all feedback. While I hate giving drivers low ratings, it could potentially help someone else in the future.

These are just a couple of ways to stay safe this semester with ride-sharing. It’s better to be over-prepared than not prepared! Stay safe Seahawks.

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