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You know you go to UNCW when…

Being a student at UNC Wilmington has its perks, especially because the beach is only five minutes away. Here are 20 reasons that you know you go to UNCW.

1. Your professor cancels class because the waves are good

2. Teal becomes a primary color in your wardrobe

3. Your school has a surf team

4. Your football team is undefeated since 1947

5. You look forward to Wagsgiving more than Thanksgiving with your family

6. You know the term “Party at Randall” isn’t an actual party

7. You know to avoid Chancellor’s Walk at all costs during class change to avoid being in a stampede

8. Your school has a water tower and no one quite knows why

9. Your Recreation center takes longer to renovate than for you to graduate


10. You ride a “wave” to get to class

11. You accidently wait in the Jole Mole line to get into Hawks Nest

12. The only time you go to church is for parking at Wrightsville Beach

13. You’ve gotten more parking tickets than good grades

14. Walking down Chancellor’s can be more dangerous than S. College Road at rush hour


15. You contemplate skipping class to go to the beach on a daily basis

16. You go to the beach, with the intentions of studying… (Oceanography counts, right?)

17. You drive 30 min to get Britts Doughnuts only to find out they’re closed

18. $1 Tacos at Islands is your version of going out for a nice dinner

19.You pay thousands of dollars a year, yet you still can’t connect to Hawk Wifi

20. Your mascot is not really a Seahawk. (It’s an Osprey, by the way)



Kaitlyn is a student at The University of North Carolina Wilmington attaining a degree in communication studies with a focus in public relations and minor in journalism. She will be graduating in May of 2015 with a B.A. In addition to starting a Her Campus chapter at UNCW, she also is a contributing writer for USA TODAY College and has interned for local WILMA magazine and The Greater Wilmington Business Journal. When she's not writing, her time is spent working or reading magazines of all varieties. Kaitlyn plans to move to New York City after graduation to pursue a career in journalism. You can follow her on twitter @KaitlynRussell_