Yaritza Delgado, President of the International Student Organization

Name: Yaritza Delgado

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Clayton, NC

Major: Biology (pre-med)




Yaritza Delgado is the current president of the International Student Organization on campus. She is described as passionate, optimistic and cheerful by those that have worked alongside her. The International Student Organization functions to be a support system for International students at UNCW, while also bringing International and American students together in a social setting. Read on to find out more about campus leader, Yaritza, and her campus organization!


HC: How does it feel to be the president of such an important organization on campus?

YD: It's a bit nerve-wracking and you obviously feel a lot of pressure, but I have a great team of officials that are always helping, so I know I'm not alone and that makes it worth it.


HC: What's your favorite thing about being a student at UNCW?

YD: The unpredictable weather of course! My actual favorite thing about being a student here is the people. UNCW has such a homey atmosphere, I feel like they're all so welcoming.


HC: What's your spirit animal?

YD: My spirit animal is a tiger because they're calm and beautiful but they also have great strength and power.


HC: What does The International Student Organization (ISO) mean to you?

YD: The International Student Organization is a way for me to be involved with the lives of International and UNCW students as well as a way for me to grow as a person. It gives me the opportunity to show international students new things and to put a smile on their faces.


HC: What inspired you to become a part of ISO?

YD: I love meeting new people that have different backgrounds and I enjoyed helping international students feel welcomed on campus and in the community beforehand, so joining the International Student Organization gave me the opportunity to do that on a larger scale.


HC: What else are you involved with at UNCW?

YD: At the moment, I'm not involved in anything else. Serving as the president of this organization, focusing on studying, and exploring the possibility of studying abroad next year is more than enough for me at the moment. 


HC: Who is someone you consider an inspiration?

YD: My mom because she has shown me to be independent and to work hard for what I want.


HC: Favorite quote?

YD: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent," by Eleanor Roosevelt


HC: What events does the ISO plan?

YD: The International Student Organization plans different events so international students and their friends can experience new things in both America and college. We do fun and exciting things, like camping trips, a big Thanksgiving dinner, and a Farewell Party for the international students leaving at the end of the semester.


HC: Any advice to UNCW students that are interested in leadership positions?

YD: It's hard, but not impossible. As long as they keep working hard they will achieve their goal.