Wilmington's Best Kept Secret

Wilmington's best kept secret is the River Walk. Most Seahawks only think of downtown Wilmington for what it has to offer on the weekends. Many of us overlook the city’s aesthetic features, and instead, we focus on the nightlife. Well, if you don’t already frequent the River Walk, here are some reasons why you should. Here are seven things the River Walk has to offer:

1.      Scenic Boardwalk. From here, you can see the USS North Carolina Battleship and the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, as well as various docked boats along shore. 

2.      Photo Opps. #INSTAGRAM. This is a great place to see, and be seen. Many River Walk-ers show up in their Sunday best, but it’s your prerogative (and also dependent on the nature of your visit!)

3.      Exercise. The River Walk is one mile long! Whether you’re taking a Sunday stroll, biking briskly or getting a run in, the River Walk is perfect for any pace. If catching a ride is more your style, hop on a ferry! 

4.      Cute puppies. If you’re anything like me, you love dogs, but can’t have one in your dorm or apartment. There’s no better place to get your fido – fix than the River Walk. Here, you will meet lots of adorable pooches! Chances are, their owners will be cute too.

5.      People watching. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Well it just so happens that the Port City is teeming with them! Whether you prefer to casually observe, or dive in and mingle, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy the friendly and casual atmosphere.

6.      Proximity to awesome noms. It’s no doubt that all your walking has worked up an appetite. Check out the cantina Delphina Dos for a burrito or Kilwan’s to satisfy your sweet tooth.

7.      Romantic addition to date night. As students, it’s important to enjoy the FREE things in life. The River Walk is ideal for providing a non-threatening environment for a first date while being kind to your wallet. Hint: Time your walk so that you can catch one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the South!