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Why Selena Gomez is Inspiration Goals

Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

           This summer, Selena Gomez has released some new music including her two hit singles “Bad Liar” released May 18th and “Fetish” released July 13th. She released one of her most popular songs, “It Ain’t Me”, which is a collaboration between her and Kygo in February of this year, and since then Selena has been dropping hit after hit. Shortly following “It Ain’t Me” the song “Only You” from her hit show 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original, was released. The song plays in the background during a scene where the main character, Clay, walks solemnly down the school hallway. Not only has Selena been working hard between the premier of 13 Reasons Why and releasing brand new music featured on her upcoming album, but she’s also been dealing with some pretty serious medical issues.

Photo Courtesy of Genius

            This past week on Wednesday the 13th, Selena posted an Instagram photo showing her on a hospital bed with her best friend, Francia Raisa, lying next to her in a matching hospital gown and oxygen tube. In October of 2015, Selena publicly announced her struggle with Lupus, and since then she has been raising awareness about the disease and what effects it has on her life and body. In 2016, Selena had to cancel the remainder of her Revival world tour because of relentless panic attacks and depression as a result of the disease, and although her fans were devastated, they were wholly supportive of Selena taking the time off to take care of herself. Recently, she underwent a kidney transplant because of complications associated with Lupus, and she is now in recovery. Talk about a strong and inspiring woman.

Photo Courtesy to Glamour

            The next time you worry about that one thing you struggle with that seems to make life all the more difficult, think about Selena Gomez and the amazing strides she has made in her singing, acting and directing careers regardless of her severe battle with Lupus. It may seem like life is only trying to knock you down, but as Selena has shown us, good things can come out of getting back up again and working towards achieving your goals. Don’t let your struggles stop you, because as long as you fight with your mind and strive with your soul, amazing things can happen regardless of what may be limiting you.


Maddie is a senior at UNCW majoring in English Literature with a Professional Writing Certificate and minoring in Women's Gender Studies.
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