Which Disney Dog Would Make the Best Pet?

In honor of the recent release of Disney+, we’re ranking some of Disney’s best characters—the dogs! These good boys and girls are listed in order of how great they would be as a real-life best friend (10 being the absolute best)! This is counting actual dogs, so “dogs” like Stitch, Slinky, and Goofy are disqualified, not because they aren’t wonderful, but because aliens and toys aren’t actually dogs (and Goofy… let’s not think about it too much). Now let’s get into the Top 10!

  1. 1. Max

    Max—The Little Mermaid

    Max here makes the list for being smarter than his human best friend. Ariel pulled Eric from a shipwreck, but the prince shrugs off the very idea of Ariel being his mystery girl. Max, however, recognizes her right off the bat! He also bites Ursula to protect Ariel. He’s a big goofy fuzzball, but would also make a great guard dog. A 10/10 scruffy boy!

  2. 2. Bruno


    Bruno makes the list for his dedication to Cinderella. He’s a good boy and can help you out of a tight spot. He doesn’t get along well with cats, but that’s a plus if the cat in question belongs to your evil stepmother. Plus, if you ever need a driver, he’d be happy to help! A helpful boy with a job! 10/10!

  3. 3. Copper

    Copper—The Fox and the Hound

    Copper is obviously adorable, whether he’s a tiny puppy or a big hound dog. He’s very gentle, and he gets along well with other animals. The only downside to this sweet pup is that he doesn’t listen too well. He’ll defend his owner, but he does run away all the time and he’d leave you to play with his best friend in a heartbeat. But hey! He’s a great hunting companion, and is a vicious protector when faced with a bear! An expert tracker, 10/10!

  4. 4. Dug


    "Hi there!" Who doesn’t want a talking dog? This boy is so loyal, he fought off a pack of dogs and his former owner to protect his favorite people. He’s incredibly forgiving, and even though he might mess up sometimes he’ll always stick around to help fix it! A golden retriever with a heart of gold, Dug is definitely a 10/10 sweet boy.

  5. 5. Pluto

    Pluto—Mickey Mouse Main Cast

    Oh boy! There is no way Pluto could be left out of this list! Mickey’s best pal has been around for decades now. He’s an affectionate and loyal friend and he can help with everything from guarding your property from pesky chipmunks (with varying degrees of success) to fetching your slippers. If you want an all-around good boy, Pluto’s the dog for you! 10/10!

  6. 6. Pongo

    Pongo—101 Dalmatians

    Pongo makes an excellent wingman (wingdog?). He’s a great matchmaker, and an energetic friend. He’s also incredibly clever and devoted to his family. He’s a great dog and an even better father. So you’d better like puppies, and be prepared for a lot of them! A very responsible boy, 10/10!

  7. 7. Dodger

    Dodger—Oliver and Company

    Dodger is the coolest pup around, and he definitely knows his way around a city. As long as you’re okay with dealing with the repercussions if (when) he steals something, he’ll fit in nicely with any family! This little terrier is also ready and willing to throw down for the people (and animals) he cares about. He takes on two huge dogs to protect his family, and welcomes newcomers into the fold. And hey, he can help you chill out too! His motto is “Why Should I Worry?” An excellent mantra, and a 10/10 cool boy!

  8. 8. Lady

    Lady—Lady and the Tramp

    Lady is an absolute… well, lady. She absolutely adores her owners, Jim Dear and Darling. She even fetches the paper in the morning. She’s incredibly protective of her home, and loves her family’s new baby. She’s a small but worthy defender, whether it be against mean cats or an evil rat. She’s a good influence on other neighborhood pets, too! A 100/10 gorgeous girl!

  9. 9. Bolt


    Bolt? Oh, he’s not much, just… a superhero. Or at least he thinks he is. Either way, his entire story centers around his love for his person Penny, and he’s willing to lay everything on the line for the people (and animals) he loves. Bolt is all about family, and he’d make a wonderful guard dog or family pet! And who can resist that face? His bravery and cuteness make him a 1,000/10 superdog! 

  10. 10. Nana

    Nana—Peter Pan

    And the best Disney dog of all is… Nana! She makes a wonderful pet, and on top of that, she’s Wendy, John, and Michael’s nursemaid. She takes care of the children, makes their beds, gives them their medicine, and guards them through the night. She does more for them than their own parents do! And, not for nothing, in Return to Neverland she helps guide Wendy’s daughter through an ACTIVE WARZONE. Best girl! 10,000/10!

So there you have it! Of course, all dogs are good dogs, and Disney has a lot of them! Which one is your favorite?

(Gifs courtesy of giphy.com)