What’s your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

With the Chinese New Year quickly approaching (Jan. 31), don’t you want to know what your sign is and what to expect? Although the Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in the Chinese culture, we still hear a lot about it in America. There are 12 symbols based on the lunar cycle, just like the zodiac signs we use, except your sign is based on the year you were born instead of the day. This year is most significant to the people born in the years 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 and so on.

In the year of the wooden horse, we are expected to experience jocular behavior.

Want to know what experiences you should be prepared for according to the Chinese culture? See the list here!

Born in: 

2003, 1991, or 1979? You’re a sheep.

2004, 1992, or 1980 would make you a monkey.

2005, 1993, or 1981 puts you in the rooster category.

2006, 1994, or 1982 means you are a dog.

2007, 1995, or 1983 makes you're a boar.

2008, 1996, or 1984 means you’re a rat.

2009, 1997, or 1985 makes you an ox.

2010, 1998, or 1986 makes you a tiger.

2011, 1999, or 1987 means you’re a rabbit.

2012, 2000, or 1988 symbolizes the dragon.

And, finally, the years 2013, 2001, or 1989 means your animal is a snake.

So what does this mean and what should you do with this information? Look into your symbol and see what it means! Don’t let the sign turn you off--some of the animals may be more unappealing than we have in our zodiac symbols, but they all have positive qualities!

Looking into your Chinese zodiac symbol is a great idea if you want a different perspective on what the stars say about you. It’s also just a fun activity to dabble in if you are bored and need a distraction.