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What is Latina Equal Pay Day?

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Latina Equal Pay Day is November 1, 2018, and what that means is that a Latina will have to work a year and 11 months to make as much as a white non-Hispanic male counterpart at the same job from 2017. This makes Latinas the most underpaid group in the United States.

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the average white woman is paid 80.5 cents to every male dollar earned in 2017. For women of color, the gap is significantly larger. Black women earn 65 cents to every dollar and Native American women earn 57 cents to every dollar. This leaves Latinas to earn 54 cents to every white non-Hispanic male’s dollar.

According to Hello Giggles, Latina women will not experience the end of the wage gap until the year 2233.

So all of my Latina/Hispanic women and people of color all over the country, please stand up and continue to fight for equal pay for the future. So get out and vote on November 6!

[Photos courtesy of Gina Rodriguez's Instagram and Ashley Lukashevsky's Instagram]

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