What to do in case of a Hurricane

As students of the lovely UNCW, we know two things that are out of our control 1.when it is a beautiful day it is easy to skip class and go to the beach and 2. tropical storms/hurricanes are inevitable. In case you are new to our campus or don’t know what to do for this natural phenomenon, here are some tips to get you through it all!

1. Don’t panic!

If this is your first hurricane ever, try not to panic too much. The university is made to withstand hurricanes and this is out of your control so just prepare yourself.

2. Get far away from the storm as possible

I know it would be really cool to sit through a hurricane and live to tell the tale but please don’t. Hurricane Florence is predicted to be a category 4 so just leave and try not to stick it out.

3. Take all of your food with you

If you are like me and just bought groceries this weekend, take it all with you because when the university final opens you do not want a stinky refrigerator or apartment.

4. Don’t forget your friends!

Make sure all of your friends or people on your hall have a place to go. Take them with you, if you can. Literally, no should be left behind!

5. Bring your textbooks

I know a million things are rushing through your head right now but just in case professors might assign homework to do. Also, if you are renting them or you paid good money for them, you don’t want them to get ruined.

6. Sit back and relax

Once you are a distance away, have your hurricane buddy, and have all of your important things, just sit back and relax. This is out of your control so don’t stress yourself out by worrying about it.

[GIFs courtesy of giphy.com]

Good luck Seahawks! Hope to see you all on campus in a week!