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The Struggles with Resting Bitch Face

Do people constantly ask you why do you look mad or if you’re mad at them? Do people think you’re intimidating because you never smile? Does the thought of smiling like a Disney princess make you want to barf? Well congratulations! You suffer from what is called Resting Bitch Face. I admit that I suffer from RBF and I am not ashamed of it. My RBF has helped me get out of many conversations I did not want to be part of. Here are a few struggles people with RBF suffer from daily. 

1. You think your face looks like this:

But you really look like this…

2. People are always asking if you’re okay.

yes, I’m perfectly fine, that is just my face and yes I will now roll my eyes. 

3. People assume you’re a bad person.

I may suffer from RBF but I am not an evil person.

4. But when you do smile, you look completely fake and pyscho.

5. The infamous “When I first met you I thought you were a huge bitch” comment.

****insert major eye rolling***

6. You’re always accidentally glaring at people (VERY guilty of this, sorry).

It is a daily struggle trying to convince people you are not a rude and unapproachable person. If you are one who suffers from RBF, always remember that you are not alone. 

[GIFs courtesy of giphy & photo courtesy of Pinterest]

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