Spread Love, Not Hate

On Wednesday morning, citizens all around the country woke up with a heavy heart. The shock of Donald Trump being our nation’s President-elect still hasn’t worn off for many. So many are fearful of what is to come in the next four years.

The past few days, social media has been filled with concerned posts, but it has also been filled with hate. Riots are happening across the country, people are burning flags, and families and friends are turning on each other publicly because of the person they voted for. So many are hurt and upset with the results. The hurt that you may be going through is justified. You have every right to feel upset. Democracy is not easy, and it may not always seem fair. Sometimes our country is going to elect leaders that we think should not be leading. Sometimes, the ways of democracy disappoint us. And sometimes, it feels as though our country is not the great nation we have always made it out to be.



Yes, Donald Trump will be our next president. It is scary just writing those words, but being scared does not make it acceptable to spread hate. Disowning great friends because of their political affiliation and bashing people on social media is not going to change the outcome of the election. Burning flags in the street does nothing but disrespect those who have laid down their lives so that we can live in a free country. If you want to do these things you can. That is the beauty of our country. But fighting fire with fire isn’t the answer. Spreading hate is only going to make things worse. This is a time where our nation has to come together to protect and lift up one another. One man does not have power over us. He does not have power over the things we say or the things we do. 

The election is over. The outcome may not be what many have wanted, but it is time to move forward. Get involved with local politics. Support those who hold your beliefs, and try and be understanding of those who don’t. Raise your voice, but do not divulge in hate. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We, the people, can be the change.  We can be the ones to spread love and understanding. Be kind to one another, and remember that we are the ones that make this country so great.