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Is Spencer Pratt Making A Comeback?

If you ever watched MTV’s “The Hills” at any point in time, chances are you can automatically picture Spencer Pratt either freaking out at someone (probably Stephanie) or enjoying his crystals. Personally, I was never Spencer’s biggest fan, as I have always been more team Lauren, but Spencer has been making quite the social media comeback in the last few months.

To some of you, this may come as a shocker considering he was frequently portrayed as the villain for much of the show. However, Spencer and Heidi recently welcomed a baby, as well as some new social media followers due to Spencer’s newfound love of hummingbirds and Taylor Swift. While this couldn’t be any weirder, it’s actually entertaining in a strange way. (The link to his hummingbird video you can find here.)

Spencer’s other newfound passion includes commentary on Taylor Swift music. He has recently made his own video to “Look What You Made Me Do”, from her newest album, which can be found here. In the last few months, he has gained a large amount of new Twitter followers, as well as Snapchat followers since that is where most of his content is being placed. You can also many, many videos of Spencer frequently having a Taylor song playing in the background of a video or Snapchat. As much as everyone disliked Spencer during his MTV days he has seemed to gain a sense of humor. Perhaps in favor of bringing back, “The Hills”?

Well, while crystals are definitely making a comeback, is Spencer Pratt jumping back on the retro MTV bandwagon? I guess we will just have to wait and see. 


[All gifs courtesy of giphy.com] 

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