Review: Schick Quattro You Razor Blades

If you're anything like me-- a busy college student always on the go-- you may want a good razor that shaves fast and efficiently without creating razor burns or nicks. Today I found a product by Schick that does the trick: Schick Quattro You. I reviewed the product and was surprised by how much I loved it!

1. First, the packaging is so cute! Purple and pink caught my eye immediately, so I had to give it a try right away. Plus it comes with 4 razors in a pack for only $9.99 at Target, which is a steal considering how great these worked for me (I'm definitely going back to get more!)

2. I ended up needing the product when I was in a rush, so I made sure to really put it to the test and quickly shave my legs before a night out. The product holds 4 razors, so there weren't any nicks or cuts after I was finished, and there is a smooth, protective barrier on each end of the head, so I was guaranteed fewer cuts. Usually razors cut me easily because I use them when I'm in a hurry, because well, that's the life of a college student who procrastinates everything. I was impressed when I used it around my ankles with no hassle. I didn't have to avoid any areas because the razor glided across my skin and felt smooth as if I were putting on a lotion. I didn't feel any abrasion or dry patches either, which most razors cause. 

3. Lastly, these razors are safe for sensitive skin. I usually have a hard time finding razors that compromise with my sensitive skin-- I always end up getting razor burn or skin irritation by how harsh other razors can be. Schick Quattro You razors are also great for the summer time, because they're infused with Aloe Vera on the end of the head to make sure your skin stays moisturized and supple, which explains why it glided on my skin so smoothly. I honesty thought that the razor wasn't working at first, because it didn't feel like I was shaving. But when I went to feel my leg, it was so smooth and it created a close-shave which is awesome!

If you're looking for a great razor with awesome qualities, look no further! I would highly recommend giving these razors a try for the summertime!


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