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A Review of Freeman’s Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil Clay Face Mask

From time to time, corporate likes to send us a unique selection of goodies to try and review. Among more recently sent items was an abundance of Freeman’s clay face masks. I am a HUGE fan of Freeman masks, but had not yet tried the manuka honey and tea tree oil version we received! I decided to give it a try and review it to see how it compares to other face masks I’ve used.

On the packaging of this particular mask, which is a striking honey orange color (pictured below), Freeman states that it is the perfect mask for “oily/breakout skin” and “instantly deep cleans + absorbs oil without over-drying.” I personally have combination skin that tends to be more oily so this was an exciting claim to read!

When I opened the package, I was surprised to find that the color of the mask is a ghostly white. Based on the packaging, I was confident the mask would be yellow or orange, but that is certainly not the case. The color of the mask is obviously not a deal-breaker, but colorful masks are always so much more fun to use. Is that just me?

As far as the consistency of the manuka honey and tea tree oil mask goes, it is like other clay masks in that it is a thicker liquid, made easy to spread onto your skin and later remove. This is exactly what I did! Here is an awkward photo of me trying out the mask. (Also, if you plan to use a clay mask, apply it more evenly than I did! My coat was a bit too thick and uneven, but the mask still worked.)

While using the mask, I noticed that the smell is really nice and refreshing. It is not too sweet as to overwhelm users, but there are very obvious traces of honey! I’m sure there are hints of tea tree oil, too, but I honestly have no idea what that smells like.

The instructions on the back of package advise users to leave the face mask on for three to five minutes, but no more than ten. Ten minutes was how long it took for my thick coat to dry completely so that’s the time I stuck with! To wash off the mask after it’s dry, Freeman advises using warm water. Since it is a clay mask, washing it off was kind of a pain, but that is to be expected. However, if you don’t like the hassle of washing off clay masks, give sheet masks a try! They are the lowest maintenance masks out there.

Here is a picture of my face immediately after washing the Freeman mask off:

As you can tell by my cheesy smile, I felt very refreshed after using this mask! My skin smelled nice and truly did feel less oily to the touch. Even hours after removing it, my face still felt brand new and clean. Freeman masks never disappoint! There is also SO much product left in the package after this review — at least enough for another six or seven uses!

You can pick up your own small package of this mask from Sally Beauty for $2.99! This is a steal for how much use you get out of just .5 fl. oz. of product. If you really end up loving the mask, Ulta sells 6 oz. bottles of Freeman clay masks for $4.29! As someone who owns a few of the 6 oz. bottles, they are essentially guaranteed to last a lifetime, especially if you only use face masks occasionally. 

I highly recommend Freeman clay masks, especially this manuka honey and tea tree oil version. If you decide to give it a try, I hope it leaves your skin feeling noticeably better!


[Photos courtesy of Lindsay Baker]

Lindsay is a senior at UNCW studying Criminology and Sociology. When she's not contemplating the deeply rooted inequalities of the criminal justice system, she is either working out at the Rec Center or sitting in Starbucks with a coffee or tea in hand.
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