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Real-Life: The Struggles of College Dating

Okay, so we all know dating is no longer just a boy asking a girl to dinner, picking her up, paying for them, and being nothing but a gentleman.  Thanks to social media and the changing times, dating is 1,000 times more confusing.  We’ve all asked ourselves these questions: Are we friends with benefits? Are we just friends? Are we exclusive? Are we Facebook official?


 I don’t know about y’all, but personally I hate that dating has come to this!  Trying to decode what that text message meant or how long you should wait to reply so you’re not sounding too eager.  I spend enough time trying to study for classes, so I can’t begin to understand the language of boys.



Throw in apps like Tinder– aka the hookup app–otherwise known as…let’s just make fun of everyone on here up until that moment when you match with that hot kid in your class and now your situation gets even more awk!

I mean, where are you supposed to meet people anyway? Nobody talks in class and if you meet someone when you go out, we all know where that leads and it’s not usually a date… Personally, I wish we could go back to the days where boys asked you to dinner and a movie instead of asking you to go home with them.  Now, lets say you are dating someone… when is the right amount of time until you can ask if you’re exclusive? College guys aren’t like Ryan Gosling in the Notebook proclaiming their love for us, it’s the girls who usually bring that up, which then leads guys to thinking we’re clingy and crazy!

With dating these days, it can seem like you can never win! Toss in the horrible girl-to-guy ratio at UNC Wilmington and your odds of finding someone just dropped significantly. I wish I had all the answers and secrets to dating in college, but the reality is we’re all just figuring it out at the same time.  Finding the right person takes time, and who says you can’t have a little fun in the mean time. Put yourself out there and be social but don’t settle for anything less than you deserve!

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