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The Perks of being a College Brand Ambassador

Since fall 2016, I have been a college brand ambassador or what we call the HAPPY SQUAD for a company called Moon and Lola. Moon and Lola is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They specialize in bright, feminine jewelry and home décor. My journey began when I had happened to be in the store one day and started talking to the sales associate. I have always been obsessed with their jewelry and majority of my paychecks were spent on them. We had hit it off pretty well and she had informed me about this new program with college students and urged me to apply. As soon as I applied, I was accepted into the program. I am so glad I was inside the store that day because it has been very life changing. On a side note, Oprah shops with this company so you know they are a big deal. Being a brand ambassador has many perks and can be beneficial for you!

You get JEWELRY and more! Being part of the HAPPY SQUAD, you get an incentive each month to spend on jewelry and accessories. You get to choose from your own style, which is super fun for you! The only rule is that you must post your pieces on your social media accounts. Easy right? This is a fun way to show off their brand and show off your own creative way of style. My style would be super girly and lots of pink so I have a lot of fun showing off my pieces. Not only are you marketing a brand, you get to keep the cute jewelry!

You get to be involved and connected with the other ambassadors

Being part of the HAPPY SQUAD, you get to meet pretty amazing ladies. They are all based on female power and positivity. Everyone I have interacted with has been so sweet and just really helpful. I can’t count how many times one of us had reached out for meet ups or just shared tips on how to post on social media.

You get to host events

Hosting events is a must for the HAPPY SQUAD. This is a fun way to stay involved with Moon and Lola and introduce the brand to close friends and family. I hosted a event last summer called Girl Nights Out. I brought my close girlfriends and we closed the store early and shopped while snacking on cupcakes and refreshments. I hope to do another event in the summer and have a fun flamingo-pineapple theme. Hosting parties also helps you with sales (which is a must) and to increase your incentive.


Looks great on a college resume

This is an easy and fun way to become more involved and enhance your resume! This shows how you are well rounded and are passionate about the company. You are responsible for driving brand awareness and engaging customers to check out the brand. Also, using social media to target a brand is a highly quantifiable skill companies look at.


If you would like to become a HAPPY SQUAD member for Moon and Lola or are interested in their brand, check out their website:


[Photos courtesy of Taylor Winch]

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