"Parks and Rec" Characters as UNCW Students

Choosing a major is a pivotal moment in every collegiette’s academic career. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose just one thing to pursue. Should you major in business? Communication? Education? Nursing? Creative writing or English? Interpretive dance? It feels impossible to choose just one, and we can only add so many double majors or minors.

To make your decision easier, I’ve compiled a list of Parks and Rec characters and what majors they would choose if they were UNCW Seahawks. Grab your JJ’s Diner waffles and let’s get started!

Leslie Knope: Political Science and Recreation, Sport Leadership and Tourism Management with a minor in History

Leslie is the dedicated civil servant with a passion for the parks. She works hard every day to keep the parks in Pawnee running smoothly. If she was a UNCW student, she would double-major in Poli-Sci and Recreation. She probably would minor in History and join the UNCW Historical Society, wanting to teach the fellow members all about Pawnee’s grisly history. She would become Student Body President—for obvious reasons—and vow to make UNCW a better place for all.

Ann Perkins: Public Health or Nursing

Ann loves to take care of people, so she would choose a major in the College of Health and Human Services. She would most likely join a lot of different clubs with vastly different interests to try to decide which one was right for her. (Also, she would date a boy she met at orientation for a few weeks and then forget about him because he’s so unremarkable. Mark Brendanawicz, I’m talking about you.)

Ron Swanson: Political Science

Ron would major in Poli-Sci and glower from the back of every classroom, muttering about the “inefficient” government. He would join the College Republicans and College Democrats clubs and take them both down from the inside, convincing the leaders of both clubs to join his very own Libertarian Club. He would also be President of the Swansons, a club for students who want to learn about surviving in the outdoors.

Tom Haverford: Business (Marketing Concentration) and Communications

Tom always has a new business idea, so a Business-Marketing major would suit him perfectly. He already has a flair for the finer things; he just needs the marketing know-how so he doesn’t go bankrupt. Also, he’s an outgoing guy, and he would flourish in any Comm class. As for clubs, Tom and his roommate Jean-Ralphio would try to cheat the system and join all of the Frats—and ultimately get banned from all of them. In lieu of joining a different club, they would co-found the Treat Yo Self Club with Donna.

Donna Meagle: Communication

Donna, being as fabulous as she is, would succeed in any major she stepped foot in. She would ultimately decide on being a Comm major and would be top of every class because of her outgoing personality and dedication. She would become friends with Tom and help him create the Treat Yo Self Club. On the weekends, she would be an Uber driver—mainly so she can show off her Mercedes-Benz.

April Ludgate: Creative Writing and a Certified Service Dog Trainer

April would love Creative Writing, because it gives her the chance to write gory, creepy stories to scare her classmates. (It would be rumored that one of the TAs fainted after a particularly terrifying story about Lil Sebastian’s ghost haunting Kenan Hall.) She would write a lot of dark stuff, except for a collection of love poems about Mouse Rat’s lead singer and guitarist. She would also show her softer side in the Service Dog training classes UNCW offers. Her first dog would be Champion, a three-legged mutt with a heart of gold.

Andy Dwyer: Music Performance (Instrument Option) with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

After spending his early twenties touring with his rock band Mouse Rat, Andy would decide to go back to school and finally get a degree. He would try a bunch of different majors, including Criminology, and decide on his passion—music. While taking Gen-Eds, he would stumble across a Women’s Studies class and find an unexpected love for it. He and the rest of Mouse Rat would perform at various ACE Events and nominate themselves for every year’s Big Show.

Ben Wyatt: Political Science and Film Studies with a minor in History

Ben would come into college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, trying to triple-major. After ultimately overworking himself in his first semester and getting burned out, he would take a semester off to rejuvenate and come back with slightly more reasonable goals. He would major in Poli-Sci and Film Studies—his dream would be to get Requiem for a Tuesday to the big screen—and minor in History. He would meet Leslie Knope in one of his History classes and, well, the rest is history

Chris Traeger: Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology

Chris is a jogging fanatic. He would major in Exercise Science because of his extensive knowledge of exercising, eating healthy, and taking dietary supplements. He would minor in psychology after being inspired by his therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard.

Jerry Gergich: Art History and Studio Art

Jerry, a talented painter, would double-major in Art History and Studio Art. A lot of his incredible pieces would be put on display in the CAB Gallery. His fellow classmates would tease him when they noticed the subject of his senior project looked like the Student Body President Leslie Knope. Although he wouldn’t be the most popular, he knows he’s a lucky man because his high school sweetheart Gail is a Seahawk too.


Happy School Year, Seahawks!


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