New Item For Your To-Do List: Visit Ibiza Night Club

Being a college student, you find yourself in many predicaments where you are broke, but you still want to go out and have a good time. My friends and I found ourselves in that type of situation last weekend. After scrambling around, we heard that the Ibiza Night Club was free for students 18+ with their student ID.

But how would we get downtown? None of us felt like driving and looking for a place to park. The Wilmington shuttle, also known as the “drunk bus,” was the perfect solution to our problem. It picks up in a number of places around campus, the closest one to UNCW is at the Campus Walk apartment complex. We only had to pay two dollars to get dropped off downtown, which is a much better choice than spending money on a cab. More details about the Wilmington Shuttle bus can be found here! 

Walking into Ibiza was like stepping into a rave. The lights were hypnotizing, and the music was like none that I had ever heard in a Wilmington club. It could be described as a mix between house music, the top radio hits and EDM. The DJ did a great job at transitioning from song to song, which included fun remixes.

The people at Ibiza were also like none that I had seen in Wilmington because it included a good amount of drag queens, which is because Ibiza is a gay club. Those who are shy should not let this scare them away from experiencing something different and exhilarating! And those who are enticed by this should definitely visit on a normal night, but there are also drag show nights! Another special that Ibiza offers is the one we took advantage of, which is students getting in for free. But keep in mind that this is not a privilege they offer every night.

Ibiza is a wonderful choice to consider if you and your friends are ever bored and want a very new experience. It offers an extraordinary atmosphere and entertaining people. For more details on the specials and a calendar of events this club has to offer, visit