My First Year of College As Told By Jersey Shore

In honor of Jersey Shore’s reunion show, I’ve decided to show exactly how I’ve felt about my first year of college! There’s been so many great moments and no series deserves to be put in gifs better than the hit MTV show. While there were so many meme-able moments, here are my top 8. 


1. Being almost late to class on the first day because you have no idea which building you’re supposed to be in: 

2. Going out for the typical Friday night shenanigans: 

3. Doing the week’s homework that you waited to do all week until Thursday and Sunday nights:

4. That time you actually woke up for class and got all the way there, only to find out it was canceled:

5. When the warm weather starts to get just right: 

6. When finals week suddenly approaches and you’re actually drowning in work:

7. When you realize that you and your friends have acquired each other’s weirdness:

8. The feeling you get when you remember the year is almost over:

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