Movies to Watch While Procrastinating

Every college student is buried in homework. Day in and day out, we work hard with the goal of getting a degree. But if we’re honest, homework is DRAINING, and sometimes we need a brain break! During a brain break of my own, I looked to the nearest streaming service and rounded up some of the best movies to watch to put off doing classwork (but still get your work done before it's due!). Popcorn Popped Kirby Barth / Spoon

  1. 1. "Legally Blonde"

    An absolute classic, "Legally Blonde" is always a safe movie to watch alone or with people. Maybe watching Elle Woods crush it at Harvard Law can provide motivation to get you through your least favorite university studies’ class, or push you to finish that one assignment you’ve been putting off (but, of course, only after the movie ends!)

  2. 2. "Surf's Up"

    Wishing you could be on the beach instead of studying? Take a break from your work and turn on "Surf’s Up," the best of the beach from the safety of your dorm. Watch Chicken Joe and Cody surf while you lay in bed and put off your homework.

  3. 3. "Die Hard"

    Even though it’s definitely a Christmas movie, "Die Hard" is a solid movie choice year-round. To distract yourself, you can go further than just watching the movie and try to plan what you would do to save Nakatomi Plaza.

  4. 4. "Mamma Mia"

    In the mood for some music? Mamma Mia is a great choice to get away from our rainy, Wilmington spring and distract yourself with a beautiful Greek island and some wedding day drama. Instead of doing your biology homework, watch the crazy life of a young girl finding her three dads.

  5. 5. Any Marvel Movie

    Sitting down staring at your laptop all day can make even the most active person feel lazy, so turn on an action movie and live vicariously through the superheroes. There are many Marvel movies to choose from, so pick your favorite hero and watch away!

Happy procrastinating! But, you know, still get your work done.