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A Morning Guide to Help You Handle those 8 a.m. Classes and Dropping temperatures

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In Wilmington the weather is a little unpredictable. One day it’s bikinis on the beach and the next, it’s a scarf, snow boots and a pea coat, which makes it more than difficult to get out of bed and go to class. So here’s a list to help you get up in the morning and out into the cold.


Nighttime Tips

1. Avoid wine, coffee and chocolate

As horrible as it sounds, avoiding the three things we love most is sometimes the best thing we can do. Research shows that coffee, red wine and chocolate affect the way that we sleep. They upset the intestines, which will cause you to wake up constantly throughout the night.

2. Don’t eat right before sleeping

Remember how mad it made you when your mom would say, “not before bedtime” right as you stuck your hand into the freezer for some late-night ice cream? Well, she had a good reason behind her madness. It takes a while for food to digest and lying down after a big meal is not the best idea. So try to leave a few hours between the time you eat and the time you decide to sleep.

3. Balance the temperatures

Getting a good night’s sleep means having the temperature just right. By having a balanced room temp, your energies will stay calm, allowing you to sleep peacefully.


Morning Routine

1. Start the morning with a glass of water

A glass of cold water in the morning will not only help you wake up, but it also reaps great health benefits. Water helps kick start your metabolism, which means waking up faster and more alert.

2. Get up when you wake up the first time

Have you ever woken up an hour or so before your alarm and thought, “Thank God”? Well, research actually shows that it is better for you to go ahead and start your day when you first wake up. Going back to sleep will only cause you to wake up groggy the next time around.

3. Take a few deep breaths

When you first wake up, try taking a few deep breaths. This will help you feel more awake, and will help prepare you for the rest of your morning routine. Also try moving around a little. Stretching and getting your blood flowing in the morning is a great way to get rid of grogginess.


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