Meet UNCW's Sister Chapter, Her Campus Salisbury

Her Campus National likes their chapters to mingle! Every semester a chapter is paired with another to swap advice, ideas, and perspective about other cities across the United States. Our Her Campus chapter at UNCW was paired with Her Campus Salisbury. Salisbury University is part of the Maryland school system, located in Salisbury, Maryland about two and a half hours from Baltimore. Here is a little bit about this lovely campus and their Her Campus girls! The Her Campus Salisbury chapter has grown since it's conception in the spring of 2016. They started with three girls and now have thirteen happy members! Common topics of interests for these Maryland girls span from the importance of self-love to international topics like K-Pop. The group is lead by Stephanie Chisley and co-lead by Jeremie Davis, who we asked to tell their story:

HC: First, why did you join Her Campus?

JD: I originally discovered Her Campus my freshman year as a member of the Spelman College chapter. Under the leadership of Danyelle Carter, who was president at the time, I really gained a special kind of love for the organization and felt like I had found my voice on campus. When I had to transfer I was saddened that I would be leaving the organization that I had made a home in. 

HC: How did Her Campus come to SU?

JD: After attending the 2015 Her Conference I decided that I wanted to take the necessary steps to bring the online magazine to Salisbury's campus, because there was a need for collegiate women to have a space where they could write about what truly matters to them, and give people the honest perspective of Salisbury's campus.

HC: How did you gain members and succeed in expanding the group?

JD: Our growth has been very unique as we have had a difficult time registering the organization on campus and getting teachers to support us. I like to describe our team as 'the one who beat the odds' because we are continuing to grow and really inspiring change through our articles and events.

HC: How do you stay involved on campus and what kind of events do you hold?

JD: Our top events are giveaways and we had a scavenger hunt last semester that was really successful. However, we are looking for more ideas so if anyone has any please don't be afraid to reach out!

It is clear that this special group is becoming home to an increasing amount of smart girls! We at UNCW are happy to hear how our sister chapter has grown and what they accomplish up north! 

[Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Chisley]