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Luke Huntington: Campus Celebrity

Name: Luke Huntington

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing

Originally From: Luke is from Virginia, but transferred to UNCW from a school in Vermont

Campus Involvement: Executive Board of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the Marketing Fraternity through the Cameron School of Business and CEN, Cameron’s Executive Network

A multifaceted student and businessman, Luke Huntington is anything but ordinary. Since 2012, he’s been involved with Arbonne International. He started as an Independent Consultant and is now an Executive Area Manager. Luke enjoys spending time in the gym in addition to playing soccer, doing watersports and skiing. He is also a racecar driver.  Luke has a passion for travel and will be graduating from UNCW this May.


HC: Tell us about Arbonne.

LH: Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company dealing in healthcare. We have pure, safe, vegan products ranging from skincare to vitamins, protein and fiber supplements.  Our products are useful to all genders and age groups, along with being  tailored to every user’s specific needs; such as our flagship product, the anti-aging and the children’s product.

HC: What is the main goal of Arbonne?

LH: To replace what people already use with healthier, less costly alternatives. It’s also about developing great skills within the different levels of leadership. It’s all about what you are willing to do to change your life.

It’s been a great opportunity for me to better my communication skills.  I recently trained over 400 other Arbonne Consultants at a leadership conference in New Jersey.

HC: How did you become involved with Arbonne?

LH: I got involved through my mom, but I would say I would have done it anyway, because of the business model makes sense and the fact that we are based around ultra-premium consumable products.  We are filling a hole in the marketplace and working toward building a more conscious generation of consumers.

HC: So what exactly do you do as an Independent Consultant and Area Manager?

LH:   Well, there is a three-step process called “Stop, Start, Teach.” This means that I Stop using unhealthy, expensive products from other companies; Start using healthier, safer products which I buy from myself online at a discount; and I Teach people how to redirect their spending to do the exact same thing while teach other people as well.   

With Arbonne, you can become your own boss and not have to rely on others for income. I have established a team and I balance my part-time work with my studies.  Two of my team members are actually UNCW Alumni. 

HC: Tell us how multi-level marketing works with Arbonne and what are the opportunities for leadership?

LH: Well, everyone who gets involved is an Independent Consultant and has the ability to earn different titles based off their volume.  The first level is District Manager, that position yields anywhere from $250 – $1,200 a month.  Typically, it takes one to three months to reach that position.  Next comes Area Manager, which can be achieved between three to six months.  Area Managers make $1,200-$5,000 on average.  The third level is Regional Vice President.  It takes about a year to reach this position of leadership.  On average, Regional VP’s make from $5,000-$10,000 monthly plus an $800 stipend on top of their check to get a white Mercedes-Benz.  The highest possible level is National Vice President.  It takes two to three years to get there.  At this level you make an average of $22,000 or more per month plus a $1,000 stipend towards your white Mercedes-Benz.

What’s great about this company is that you get praised for doing something you’re already doing – you get paid to turn an expense into income.

 HC: You are one level away from becoming a regional Vice President.  What’s your key to success?

LH: I treat everything as an opportunity! I am a walking, talking testimonial for Arbonne, because it revolves around my life.  I would say the only way to fail is to quit.

HC: So why Arbonne? What are some personal goals you have with the company?

LH: Doing Arbonne is allowing me to come out of school with less stress. It allows me to live the way I want to live.  It also presents outstanding perks and gives great travel opportunities.  Two years ago, Arbonne took me to the Bahamas.

Arbonne will allow me to provide my family with a blessed and comfortable life, and most importantly, the time to enjoy it.  Working with Arbonne is allowing be to establish a willable legacy that will be impactful for the next five generations.  One of my goals is to eventually own a racing team.  Working with Arbonne can make this a reality.

HC: What makes Arbonne different from other beauty lines available through multi-level marketing?

LH: Unlike other companies, there are no parties with Arbonne.  The only similarity is that we cut out the middleman.

HC: Who is your customer base and who do you reach out to?

LH: I do business with students and people back home. I’m always networking. My goal is to globalize Arbonne. One way we do this is through Skype connections to do business overseas.

HC: Who is someone you consider an inspiration?

LH: Ayrton Senna.  He was a Brazilian racing driver who died in a crash. I find him inspirational because he had no limitations. He raced to win and was not ever held back, mentally or physically.  He didn’t stop once he reached his goals.  Senna also made sure to give back by giving to multiple charities.

HC: What is your favorite quote?

LH: “If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver, because we are competing.  We are competing to win. And the main motivation to all of us is to compete for victory; it’s not to come third, fourth, fifth or sixth.” – Ayrton Senna

HC: This is your last year at UNCW. What will you miss the most?

LH: I’ll miss the geography, students, faculty and the southern hospitality.

Sierra is a Communication Studies major, and finally a senior! In addition to writing for Her Campus, she is the Lifestyles Editor for UNCW's student newspaper, The Seahawk. She is the Social Media Chair for the university's Style and Modeling Company (STYMO). In her free time, you can most likely find her catching a concert at Ziggy's by the Sea in downtown Wilmington.   
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