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Name: Logan Rylie Locklear

Age: 19 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Fuquay Varina, NC

Major: Double major in operations management/entrepreneurship

Relationship Status: Single 


Meet sophomore Logan Locklear! Logan is a bubbly southen gal who has lots of big dreams for the future! In high school, Logan dreamed of attending UNCW and being closer to the beach. Read more to learn more about this lovely girl!


HC: What is the ideal date for you?

LL: My ideal date is going to a nice dinner then seeing a movie.


HC: Do you have any hobbies?

LL: My hobbies include going on the boat with my family and spending all day relaxing and eating good food! Simple yet so perfect!


HC: What is your favorite place you have ever visted?

LL: My favorite place that I have ever been is Cancun. The beaches were phenomenal and the people there were so kind and sweet! I loved being there because everyone was always in a good mood! It was also my favorite place because I got to go with one of my best friends who lives out of state. It was amazing!


HC: What is your deam job?

LL: My dream job is to become the CEO of my own corporation and to be able to have random dance parties whenever I want. I want my employees to want to come to work and enjoy their time there. 


HC: How would your friends describe you?

LL: I think my friends would say I am a little strange and crazy at times, but they would definitely say that I am funny!


HC: What is one item on your bucket list?

LL: I have lots of items on my bucket list, but one of them would be to jump out of a plane or to visit Australia. On the other side, the biggest item would be to visit Bora-Bora. I am determined to go there before I die, even if I have to sell everything that I have.


HC: Tell us a fun fact about you!

LL: A fun fact about me is that from age 6 to 16 I did competitive cheerleading and dancing!


HC: Words to live by?

LL: Two of my favorite quotes are “Everything happens for a reason” and “You are exactly where you need to be” because I truly believe that no matter what situation you are going through, whether it’s good or bad, you just need to know that God put you there and He is going to take you through it no matter what! 



Photo courtesy of Logan Rylie Locklear.

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