The Lettered Company: A Sorority Jewelry Line


Samantha Levin graduated Emory University with more than a degree; she had memories and a support system from her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, that made her undergraduate years better than she ever expected.  

As with many sorority members, she had trouble finding affordable jewelry that she liked.  That trouble turned into a triumph and inspired Levin to create The Lettered Company, “a special sorority jewelry line dedicated to providing high quality, stylish, and affordable sorority jewelry.”

The Lettered Company offers a variety of earrings, necklaces, and rings. You are also able to contact Levin for specific designs and to customize the jewelry with your sorority letters.  She ensures that each piece will have high quality and be accurate.

She also has offered advice for students that are going through recruitment, whether it be now or in the future.  

“Be yourself! For many girls, a chapter's on-campus reputation becomes the number one priority during recruitment. But, it's important to remember that joining a sorority is much more important than that: although it is the opportunity to join a national organization with a fantastic support system and resources, you also want to be comfortable with the girls you surround yourself with during your time in college. Be yourself and you'll be find the house that is right for you.”

So, if you’re in a sorority or searching for a gift for someone who is, The Lettered Company is the perfect place to look. If you have a group order of at least 25 pieces, you’ll receive a group discount and free shipping!

UNCW’s discount code: HCZ3X82T

You can contact The Lettered Company at [email protected]  or visit the website at

**All images taken with permission from Samantha Levin, founder of The Lettered Company