It's Okay to Travel Alone

No one likes to be alone for too long, myself especially, because it is when we sink into all the heavy thoughts that consume our mind. Humans are social beings by nature and we seek comfort in the support of others. It is rewarding to share special moments with the people we love, but taking time for yourself and your mental health is just as important.

Travel is one of those scenarios where both traveling alone and with others create special memories. While I love traveling with friends and family I always enjoy the opportunities where I get to go somewhere by myself.

Although, far too often when I tell people that I am traveling somewhere by myself I get a response along the lines of “wow, really?” Yes really. They just cannot seem to fathom that I could have a good and or safe time traveling by myself.

Let us get the record straight. There is nothing wrong traveling by yourself. Despite what your friends and family might think, you can still enjoy yourself.

While there might be moments when I travel alone that I wish someone special was there to share it with me, I remember how alone time is good for me and that I can do whatever I want.

I have been on several trips by myself including going to California, New York City and Paris to name a few and I loved almost every minute of those trips.

One of the first things that spring to my mind when traveling alone is the freedom you get.

Traveling alone allows you the opportunity to stay, see, do, eat and spend as much as you want because you do not have to worry or consider someone else's input. It is your trip plain and simple. Talk about a stress-free environment.

Not only does a solo trip allow for -- hopefully -- a less stressful environment, but it allows you to better discover yourself, as cliche as it sounds.

In addition to the freedom, you have you also gain confidence. Traveling solo can be a daunting idea and every time I plan a solo trip I get that feeling, but then I push it away. I think about a great time I will have and all the new things I will get to do and try. Even just taking that first leap to plan a solo trip gives you more confidence.

From every decision you make during your trip, whether it be where to go, what to eat or how long to stay you will be gaining confidence.  

There is nothing more refreshing for your mental health than taking time for yourself and traveling alone can be that outlet.

Whether you are struggling, in need of an escape or whatever it may be, traveling allows you the space to refresh or hit reset on your mental health.

I have gone through my fair share of hell and back and I have been able to find comfort in solo traveling. It has allowed me to both set aside the terrible and sad thoughts in my mind and come to better terms with them. Whether it be climbing up the Eiffel Tower or walking through Central Park these trips have allowed me to be and feel free.

So, just remember that there is nothing wrong with traveling or being alone. Sometimes you just want or need to get away. Do not let others hold you back from seeking your own adventures.

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