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I Lived by My Horoscope for 5 Days

I’m not super deep into astrology, mostly because every time I’ve looked into it I’ve gotten overwhelmed by how much information there is to learn—it’s (apparently) more than just your star sign. You also have a moon sign, a rising sign, and there’s even talk that there could be more than just those. I’ve been in the habit of checking my daily horoscopes from VICE on Snapchat and Elle Magazine’s website for a long time. Sometimes they match up, sometimes they’re totally different, but I love reading them both anyway. I used Elle’s for every day except Tuesday this week, when I forgot to copy my horoscope from the site after I read it and it wasn’t up anymore by the time I remembered. This week, I followed my Sagittarius horoscope as closely as I could. 

Monday, January 22 There’s a not-so-thin line between self-assurance and swagger, Sagittarius. As today’s Aries moon ignites your flamboyant fifth house, make sure to stay on the right side of that border. This energetic boon could elevate you to the top of the list if you’re interviewing for a new job or vying for a promotion. But remember that pride cometh before the fall, so strike a balance between showcasing your talents and listening to what people actually want and need! My horoscope tells me I’m obnoxious and “prideful” at least once a week, and I don’t think that’s true—I spend a lot of time agonizing over things I do because I don’t feel like they’re good enough, and I go out of my way on a daily basis to make sure I’m not inconveniencing anybody. It’s just a trait of my sign that I don’t really identify with, and I just took the advice to find a balance between showcasing talents and listening to people’s needs. To put this advice into action, I responded to an email I got from another organization I write for, confirming that I was interested in the new program they’d approached me with. It involves videography, and I’m more of a writer than a videographer, but all videos need captions, right?

Tuesday, January 23 The Moon is in fellow Fire sign Aries today, illuminating a fun and flirtatious sector of your chart. You’ll be feeling creatively inspired and ready to party—after you tackle some complicated emotions this afternoon, that is. (This horoscope is from VICE, which is why it’s shorter than Monday’s.)

I did feel ~*creatively inspired*~ today, but not flirtatious or “ready to party”. I don’t have class until 3:30 on Tuesdays, but I make up for that by being stuck in class until 7:45 pm in a room with no windows…which is horrible and should be illegal. By the time I stumble out of that classroom and out to my car, I’m already halfway asleep. I was dealing with some of those complicated emotions that the horoscope mentions, but I’m not going to give them more weight than they’re worth by going into detail about them. I used the creative energy I was feeling and wrote about them when I got home, and ended up going to bed with a lot more clarity about the situation. 

Wednesday, January 24 Still struggling to get into a salubrious groove for 2018? Don’t think in extremes. Today’s balancing quarter moon lands in your sixth house of healthy living giving a nudge back on the wellness wagon. You don’t need to go on a sugar detox or start a boot camp fitness regimen. Just begin incorporating vitamin-rich food and regular movement into your days—starting now! Order a salad instead of (or with) that side of fries; get up for stretch breaks every hour and go for a mid-day walk. These healthy choices can be habit-forming! Soon you’ll be reaching for the grapefruit instead of the chocolate ganache—well, MOST of the time.

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, because I don’t think you need a new year to start changing things up. You can start on the first of the month, or a Monday, or whenever you decide you want to make a change. I did take the horoscope’s advice and go for a walk today, though, and that was nice. I took my cat outside with me on her leash, and the horoscope was right about it being habit-forming—she meows like a psycho if I go near the front door now because she wants to go out and roll in the grass. Sometimes I don’t go outside on days that I don’t have class if I don’t have any errands to run, so taking Alfredo on a walk was a good change. 

Thursday, January 25 Today’s mission: Mend fences instead of burning bridges! You can bury the hatchet and end a long-simmering feud if you’re willing to let go of your need to be right. A harmonious connection between mental Mercury and your ruler, visionary Jupiter, puts you in an intuitive, sensitive headspace. Use this empathy to reconnect to an estranged friend and see if she’s also willing to forgive and forget. Ultimately it doesn’t matter who said what, Sagittarius. It’s about dropping the charges and reviving a once-meaningful relationship.

So, here’s the thing…I don’t get in friendship fights. The only person I’ve ever had an actual argument with besides my family is my ex. I don’t have any simmering feuds. I don’t talk about people. I did reach out to someone I hadn’t talked to much lately, but we hadn’t stopped talking because of a fight—she moved out of town and started a new job and I started a new semester with classes and an internship, so our friendship turned from getting dinner a few times a week to tagging each other in memes on Instagram. That’s not a bad kind of friendship to have, but a closer one is better, so we set up a weekend to visit next month. 

Friday, January 26 Game face: on! Powerhouse Mars blazes into your sign until March 17, injecting you with a double dose of confidence and drive. This seven-week transit only happens every other year, and you want to fully exploit the red-hot planet’s stimulating sway. A project you’ve been hustling to promote could attract the attention of some very influential people—and some signal-boosting trendsetters too. Make sure you’re ready for prime time, because Mars moves things along at warp speed. If it looks like all systems are go, jump in with both feet! Watch your temper, though. This hotheaded cosmic cycle can give you a super short fuse.

Today was spot on. My mind was so ready to get things poppin’ that I woke up four hours before my alarm this morning. I was pissed at first (short fuse, heard) because I don’t have class today and I’m feeling sick, so I was looking forward to sleeping in, but the universe had other plans. I got up and started working immediately. I wrote this article, I edited some things that I have due at the end of the week, started working on a review I need to turn in at my internship, and a couple of other things. I also got in contact with two different people about writing jobs and they’ve both responded positively. Now it’s barely 1:00 and I’m already done with everything I had on my to-do list for today. Game face AF.

Overall, this was a great week. Even though I was sick, I was more productive than I’ve been in a while since I’m finally on a solid schedule with my classes and internship responsibilities. I also really liked having a guide for each day. I just wish I hadn’t gotten the cat used to going outside. 

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Olivia is a senior at UNCW, majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys color coding all things possible and hanging string lights year-round.
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