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I Broke up with My Boyfriend After 48 Hours of Being Official

** Names will be changed for the privacy of myself and the people in this story.

Back in August 2016, I had decided to download Tinder. I ended up meeting this guy name *Don, who was a Marine stationed in Jacksonville, NC. I was just fresh out of a summer fling and I was a little heart-broken that it had ended so soon. When I met Don, we immediately connected, and I developed feelings for him. We went on a few dates with one another and then made it official. I had felt that we had rushed into things but ignored my feelings; which rushing into things should have been a red flag for me. Once he was considered my boyfriend, I notice that he was very controlling and very insecure. Note, we had been “official” for literally 48 hours.

 I have never been in a relationship where my boyfriend had felt insecure about me having close guy friends or even try to control me. He had tried to control how I did my makeup and how I had dressed because he felt that I drew too much attention to myself and he didn’t like guys checking me out. Things took a turn for the worst when he decided to basically plan out my life. He wanted a wife who didn’t work (okay a housewife) and just basically popped out babies and stayed home with them as I cleaned and cooked for my husband, aka him as he would be the “man of the house” and work to provide for the family. He felt that a woman should not be allowed to work and she needed to stay at home and kept the house clean. Okay, I’m going to have to pass on that little fantasy. First of all, I did not just spend YEARS in college and be in debt just to be a little birthing babies 1950s housewife. I was rather insulted when he suggested that life to me and I started to argue with him and he told me to hush and just to sit there silently and be pretty. I had never felt so disrespected and like an object to someone in my life. So after that conversation, I decided to end things with him because I knew this was not the life for me and I want to be a successful career woman who also helps provide for her future family. Wanna know how Don took it? He cried and begged me to stay with him. Isn’t that so attractive?

It had been a few months since I had even uttered his name and while I was working, my friend *Brianne had asked me about Don. I had informed her on how we broke up and she goes “yeah I knew that he told me.” I was a little puzzled on why she was talking to him. Turns out, he had messaged her via Instagram after he blocked me and started talking to her. Once she had realized it was my ex bf, he went on a rant of how horrible of a girlfriend I was. He stated, and I quote “I was the female version of the devil and I was extremely high maintenance and he was so glad he left me.” Okay Don, whatever helps you sleep at night. And on a side note, he had messaged me that same day he said all those things about me asking for a second chance. I guess he didn’t like my answer. Moral of the story is, if you are going to use Tinder to meet potential boyfriends, make sure you know who he completely is and don’t be blind-sided by a psychopath before you start dating him. Or you will end up like me and having to break it off after 48 hours.


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