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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

So you aren’t traveling to some exotic place for spring break, and your mom can’t take time off work to hangout with you if you go home… it looks like this year is going to be a dud of a spring break. Think again! Having a WHOLE WEEK to yourself without anyone or anything to worry about but yourself is a gift, trust me. After the longest most grueling months of winter, you deserve some downtime and me-time. This is your time to do that “bullet journaling” thing that has been sweeping social media or finally attempting a DIY bath bomb that you’ve been wanting to make for months. So get cozy and get ready to strut around in your undies blasting your favorite Selena Gomez song, because this spring break is going to be all about YOU. 

1. Read a book… not for school. Maybe only all of my English majors out there can relate to me on this one, but reading has slightly lost its novelty since being in college and reading is about 50% or more of your daily work. Whatever your major or area of expertise, try buying that new bestseller that you’ve heard raving reviews about or a book you’ve been meaning to read before you see the movie (hey, the book is always better than the movie, am I right?). There’s nothing more satisfying than losing yourself in a good book and escaping reality for a little while in a way that doesn’t taunt you (Yes Netflix, I AM still watching!!). 

2. Make some crafts! It doesn’t matter if you aren’t artsy or particularly creative, making some crafts can be super-satisfying for relieving your creative side and making you feel accomplished and proud. Grab some old magazines and make a vision board by pasting a bunch of images you like and goals you’re striving towards, while adding some meaningful words or phrases throughout. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to make a mess and motivate you to follow your dreams. Collaging not your thing? Buy a super cheap watercolor set from the nearest dollar store and just start throwing some paint on a blank sheet of paper– you might just find your calling. And your roommates will appreciate the new apartment decor upon their arrival back.

3. Take some time to connect with your spiritual side. This one is something that so many people tend to neglect. Some people never even attempt to connect with their spiritual side, in fear of what they may find. I’m here to encourage you to dive into your subconscious and those spider-webby corners of your brain, they might need a little bit of love. Whether that means opening up the Bible or the Quran for the first time in a while and reading a few passages and making notes on what you connect with, or meditating under the moonlight with all your favorite crystals for two hours, spirituality looks different for everyone. Feel those hard feelings you’ve been pushing away while keeping busy all semester, and let them consume you. Cry a little. Dance a little. Pray a little. Meditate a little. It’s all beneficial to your wellbeing whether you can feel it or not. 

4. Re-organize your planner and set project deadlines for the rest of the semester. Yeah, this one isn’t very exciting, but honestly it takes like two hours max and if you stick to it, it can seriously help your work ethic not crash and burn for the remainder of the semester. Look over all your class syllabi and write down in your planner every assignment, paper, and project date for the rest of the semester. And for those assignments that don’t really have set dates? Make one. Trust me, it’ll help curb that want to procrastinate. 

5. Make yourself a delicious and gourmet home-cooked meal. This is so important, and so many people forget that taking the time to cook a delicious, laborious meal is just as important to self care as baths and sleep. If you don’t feel like looking up a yummy recipe, buying all the ingredients, and slaving over the stove for two hours, you can also opt to take yourself out to a fancy dinner. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself… who else deserves it but you?! Bring along that new book you’re reading and take your time eating your meal and reading instead of sitting on your phone the whole time. You’ll feel even fancier if you look intelligent and distinguished at the dinner table. 

6. Spring cleaning! This one can be as fun or as intense as you want it to be. Everything from throwing out all that you don’t use or cherish (including clothes, knick-knacks, furniture, bathroom products, desk supplies, etc.), to rearranging furniture and painting your bedroom wall a different color. Blast some music, throw open your windows to let in the refreshing spring breeze, and get to work. Start by getting rid of things and taking them to donation stores like Goodwill, and end with vacuuming your room (finally) and dusting your desk (god forbid!!). Don’t forget to strip your sheets and throw them in the wash cycle, too. We know it’s been way too long. 

7. Take some time to tour yourself around town. Maybe you’re a freshman going to college in a new city and you haven’t taken the time to actually discover what the area has to offer. Or, maybe you’re a senior like me and just continually seem to stumble upon cute, quirky niches around the city that you wish you knew about three years ago. Start by looking up some cool coffee shops and free parks, those are always great jumping-off points. From there, wander aimlessly for a little while (without losing your bearings!) and see if you discover anything worth coming back to or sharing with your friends once they get back from break!

Happy spring break!

[Photos courtesy of Christopher Michel, and Pxhere]

Maddie is a senior at UNCW majoring in English Literature with a Professional Writing Certificate and minoring in Women's Gender Studies.